Premiere: Tiger Mimic – ‘Everything You’ve Ever Wanted’

After a little bit of a hiatus to recoup and re-energise, John Kennedy acclaimed Tiger Mimic have returned to blast into our ears with a brand new single.

Reflecting on the worldwide challenges that women, minorities and the LGBTQ+ community have faced this year, ‘Everything You’ve Ever Wanted’ is an empowering ode to persevering through dark times. Propelled by the band’s trademark whirring scuzz and fierce, gritty energy, it showcases the rich, soaring vocals of front woman Jess as it builds with a sweeping majestic allure. Oozing a swirling impassioned splendour and haunting grace, it’s a fizzing slice of soaring alt-rock proving Tiger Mimic’s worth as creators of powerfully poignant anthems. Of the track, the band explain:

The lyrics ask ‘Everything you’ve ever wanted, now you’ve got it, what’s the point?’, wondering aloud what drives the heartless people who work so hard to oppress, vilify, control, and harm innocent communities that just want to be allowed to live their lives. While the lyrics are grim, it’s ultimately a song about hope, how despite everything happening below, the stars go on shimmering above, lighting our way through the darkness.

Listen, for the first time, here:

‘Everything You’ve Ever Wanted’ is set for release this Friday, 9th December.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Robert Alleyne

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