Video Premiere: MALMØ – ‘No Words’

Following 2018’s critically acclaimed debut album We Come From The Stars, and with acclaim from the likes of BBC 6Music and KEXP, Danish artist Maria Malmoe, aka MALMØ, has now shared her new single, ahead of her upcoming second album this summer.

Propelled by glitchy beats and Maria’s (and her her sister Frida’s) sweeping ethereal vocals, ‘No Words’ reflects on the damage we do to the environment on a daily basis – how we’re too reliant on the artificial, at a great cost to the natural world, and to ourselves. With an exquisite, captivating majesty, a shimmering, spellbinding soundscape is created. A beautifully poignant, and delicately cathartic, rumination on the world today and how we all need to take action to save it.

‘No Words’ is accompanied by a sparkling, artfully created new video. Watch it for the first time here:

The Inevitable End, the upcoming new album from MALMØ, is out on 11th June (vinyl & digital) via Integrity Records.

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Emily Magpie – ‘All Is Silence’

Bristol-based artist Emily Magpie has been charming our ears for a good while now. In her latest single, ‘All Is Silence’, she takes listeners on a (particularly poignant right now) post-apocalyptic journey.

Inspired by reading Margaret Atwood, ‘All Is Silence’ starts with an ominous introduction that spills into poppy and effervescent longing. Magpie uses her sparkling voice and dreamy ukulele strums in contrast against the muted synths and bass, giving the track a feeling of being inside a bunker, telling stories of many moons ago.

In the moments before the chorus, Magpie tells of the moment we see the one we love and all sound and thought is muted in the background. All is silent. It’s the end of the world, but we’re still here. 

Shot in a garage with bespeckled projections and bicycle tires, Magpie dances to the new dystopia with hope in her heart in the new video for ‘All Is Silence’. Watch here:

‘All Is Silence’ is out now, and Let’s Talk About The Weather – the upcoming debut album from Emily Magpie – is set for release on 3rd April.

Aisha Kasmir

Track Of The Day: Lande Hekt – ‘The Future’

If you’re looking for a tonic to ease your anxiety about the current state our society, we recommend you listen to Lande Hekt‘s latest single ‘The Future’. Whilst it doesn’t ignore the bleak prospects that a Tory government and a climate crisis have thrust upon us, it does remind us to take a minute to remember you can do something to tackle it.

Best known as the vocalist and guitarist for Exeter indie punk band Muncie Girls, Lande is now focusing her energy on her solo work, and is set to release her debut EP Gigantic Disappointment on the 15th of November. It’s filled with catchy, defiant guitar anthems that showcase a (slightly) softer side to Lande’s music.

Speaking about her new song, Lande explains: “‘The Future’ is about getting older, trying to exist in a truly horrible world and trying to be a good person (and often not succeeding). It’s an homage to my friend who taught me that you can’t ignore environmental issues and showed me how scary it all is. We’re all running out of time.”

With the aid of Lande’s clear vocals and rolling guitar rhythms, hopefully listeners will be motivated in to thinking about the kind of future they want to be a part of, and actively work towards making it a good one. Listen to the new track below, and follow Lande on Facebook for more updates.

Lande Hekt 2019 UK Tour Dates
Sunday, 6th Oct – Exeter, The Cavern (with Cheerbleederz)
Monday, 18th Nov – Bristol, The Exchange (with Soot Sprite)
Tuesday, 19th Nov – Exeter, The Cavern (with Soot Sprite)
Wednesday, 20th Nov – Southampton, The Hobbit (with Soot Sprite)
Thursday, 21st Nov – Brighton, Rossi Bar (with Soot Sprite)
Friday, 22nd Nov – London, Sister Midnight

Photo Credit: @gingerdope

Kate Crudgington

LISTEN: HunBjørn – ‘Who Are We To Love’

Danish electro-pop artist HunBjørn – which roughly translates as “small bear” – has shared a new element of her musical universe in the form of single ‘Who Are We To Love’. It’s a dreamy combination of synths, distorted guitars and sweet melancholic vocals.

HunBjørn (aka Ulla Pihl) was the former lead singer and songwriter in the experimental pop band Lima Lima, but now she’s recording as a solo artist. She released her debut EP In Vacuo in September of 2018, and began growing her fan base on social media by using a messenger-bot called the “She Bear Bot”. It’s an interactive behind the scenes experience for her EP that fans could join, and includes personal vlogs about every song and the story behind it.

Now, HunBjørn is ready with a new set of stories on her second EP Next Summer. She produced the record herself and it was mixed by previous collaborator Brian Batz (aka Sleep Party People). ‘Who Are We To Love’ is the first single, and it’s a love song to the environment, written to remind us that taking care of it is the responsibility of all of us.

Combining both organic and digital synth textures, HunBjørn has created a twinkling track full of her soothing vocals. Speaking about the single, she explains: “For a long time, I had been wanting to write a song about the environment expressing my concerns about where we’re heading. But I didn’t want the song to be sanctimonious or a lifted finger. So instead I tried to express the double standards that I myself apply. I was planning to fly to the other side of the world, well knowing how big my CO2 footprint would be. At the same time I see myself as environmentally conscious person. So I’ve tried to express those opposing feelings in the song. How much is just words and how much do we really act? How much do we leave for our decision makers or even worse – for our kids?

The official music video for the song is directed by Daniel Charluck Garrelts from Karma Film. HunBjørn’s pregnant body is painted in gold as a picture of the earth, which is marred by black oil as a symbol of how we treat the earth and what our children are born into. Take a look at the footage below and follow HunBjørn on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington