Track Of The Day: Shari Vari – ‘Out Of Order’

Multi-talented artists and producers Shari Vari have shared their latest single ‘Out Of Order’ and it’s an alt-electronic gem. The Hamburg-based duo blend elements of techno, jazz, pop and their clear cut vocals to create a catchy three and a half minutes of electro-punk joy.

Shari Vari consists of Helena Ratka and Sophia Kennedy. Both are visual artists, producers and musicians who began working together after a joint art exhibition, releasing their debut EP Life Should Be A Holiday in 2017. The duo are currently preparing to share their debut album NOW via cult label Malka Tuti on 13th September.

Speaking about the new tracks on their upcoming record, the duo explain: “Time is ticking and the questions we have regarding time and action [are] the connecting element of the songs and tracks on the album. There is mostly a dark connotation in music and lyrics, but not without a joyful outlook, fun twists and a breeze of irony. The lyrics oscillate between film-like atmospheres, comic and dark story-telling, involving fictional characters. NOW connects the individual with the social persona, while the tracks take you on a trip from the boiler room next to our studio, to a chilly Sunday in the park. It’s more a stream of consciousness than a conceptual decision we made”.

We’re happy to join the duo on their musical journey regardless of the destinations they take us to. Watch the video for ‘Out Of Order’ below and follow Shari Vari on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Feral Five – ‘Pet Show’

Having previously wowed us with their unique, vibrant live show at The Finsbury, and recently supported Black Grape in Brighton, London/Kent based duo Feral Five are back to enchant our ears with new single ‘Pet Show’.

As a glitchy, other-worldly soundscape flows, ‘Pet Show’ is a wonderfully weird fusion of sounds, set in a world of illicit exotic creatures, working in underground bionic cat cafés and shady robo-companion bars. Pulsating with the deep, resonant vocals of front-woman Kat and an immense danceable beat, it’s a truly beguiling, yet slightly unnerving, work of forward-thinking art. With its whirring, electronic hooks and ethereal twinkling melodies, ‘Pet Show’ therefore showcases the duo’s innovative electro punk once again. Of the track, the band explain: “… it conjures up future subcultures and is inspired by developments in emotional AI and experimental beings, and the primal urge to party.


With striking art work by leading anthro artist Strype, ‘Pet Show’ is out 7th December via Primitive Light Recordings.

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Feral Five – ‘I Want You’

Following the success of singles such as ‘Kiss’ and ‘Neurotrash’, and support from the likes of BBC 6 Music’s Steve LaMacq and Shaun Keavney, our favourite electro-punk duo Feral Five are back with another innovative offering.

Just in time for the festive period, ‘I Want You’ is a whirring assault on crass commercialism and a feminist call to reject the trash and go for what you really want. Filled with swooping glitchy beats, twinkling ’80s reminiscent synth hooks and soaring, resonant vocals, it’s the perfect antidote to the saccharine drivel you can find yourself inundated with at this time of year.

A gritty sonic delight, ‘I Want You’ is all you could ever need in your ears this Christmas.


‘I Want You’, the new single from Feral Five, is out 8th December.

Mari Lane