WATCH: CMAT – ‘I Don’t Really Care For You’

Inspired by Nestlé TV adverts, K-Pop music videos and the Oscar-nominated 70s film Five Easy Pieces, Irish pop icon CMAT has shared a new video to accompany her fourth single ‘I Don’t Really Care For You’. Adorned in a fabulous snake-skin blazer & skirt combo, the pop starlet performs an impressive and joyful dance routine opposite a mute bearded beauty who’s Instagram followers are set to double in the next few hours.

“The director Eilís approached me some time ago to make a music video, and I really wanted it to be for ‘I Don’t Really Care For You’ because I knew she would be able to capture the high energy mood of the song, and also we are into the same old, niche and ugly design stuff,” CMAT explains. “The dream sequence was inspired by a Nestle ad from the 1980s. The choreographer, Nick, made my dreams come true. I was like, ‘I want to dance like Blackpink, but I have absolutely no technical ability whatsoever.’ I think that much is evident in the video but we pulled it off!”

Full of CMAT’s lush, yearning vocals, relatable lyrics and Americana-tinged guitars, ‘I Don’t Really Care For You’ is a song that sees her swallow her pride and admit to sometimes being “the bigger dickhead in a relationship.” The witty set of accompanying visuals show CMAT at her finest, exuding a charisma that lights up the screen as she leans into “the Marian Keyes of it all.”

Watch the video for ‘I Don’t Really Care For You’ below.


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Photo Credit: Sarah Doyle

Kate Crudgington

WATCH: Æ MAK – ‘hey driver (!)’

A vibrant, catchy tune made with “100% childsplay and solo belly laughs”, Kitsch-bop Queen Æ MAK has shared her latest single, ‘hey driver (!)’. Taken from her new EP how to: make a kitsch pop song to show the world, which is released today (18th Sept), the Irish artist has crafted another polished art-pop offering with a dance routine that’s a joy to mimic.

Embracing production duties for the first time on her new release, Æ MAK – aka Aoife McCann – wrote and recorded her new EP during the Covid-19 lockdown period. She focused on making upbeat tunes that listeners could bop too, and the result is a candid and ultra fun aural “how to” on making music that’s joyous and uplifting.

McCann’s carefree attitude is best displayed in the accompanying music video for ‘hey driver (!)’, shot and edited by Tim Shearwood. Featuring her cousin Anyamanee Thungsombat and school friend Kavneet Kainth, the video shows the girls seamlessly executing dance moves such as the “bumble bee butt walk” and adopting the “casual horse rider” pose.

Watch the video below and follow Æ MAK on Facebook and Spotify for more updates.

Kate Crudgington