Premiere: Cozy Slippers – ‘When Will When Come?’

Having started when Barbara Barrilleaux and Sarah Engel met at ‘Ladies Rock Camp’, a weekend event that brings women together to learn to play instruments and form bands, Seattle based Cozy Slippers have since recruited guitarist Steven Skelton, and charmed us live at The Finsbury when they came all the way across the pond to play for us back in 2019. Now, following singles such as ‘Hard To Say Goodbye’ and ‘A Million Pieces’, they’ve shared a luscious new offering.

The first release to come from a year’s worth of home recordings from the band, ‘When Will When Come?’ is a plea to live life to its fullest, embracing all of its messy possibilities. Propelled by a scuzzy, sunny energy and effervescent musicality, it flows with jangly melodies alongside Sarah’s sweeping, smooth vocals that ooze a gentle heartwarming emotion. With shades of The Cranberries, or even GIHE faves Chorusgirl, ‘When Will When Come?’ builds with twinkling hooks and sparkling harmonies to a truly uplifting slice of shimmering indie-pop. I mean, how could a song about pink flamingos do anything but make you smile…?!


Mixed by Dylan Wall (Great Grandpa, High Sunn), ‘When Will When Come?’ is out tomorrow 30th April.

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: all cats are beautiful – ‘(u know) u mean a long minute 2 me’

‘(u know) u mean a long minute 2 me’ is the first single from all cats are beautiful’s (ACAB) forthcoming EP. Recorded while best friends Kyle and Elena were locked down in separate countries due to the pandemic, it’s a lo-fi, electro-pop lullaby that’s full of love and longing.

The song has an otherworldy beauty, marrying raw, heartfelt lyrics with woozy beats and beeps to create something really special. As Kyle sings, “All I know for sure is my way back to you”, it feels so intimate and personal. But their vocal is buoyed by layers of beautiful harmonies and instrumentation, giving the track an atmospheric splendour.

As the pair alternate vocals, their chemistry fizzes and evokes the magic of Coco Rosie and to a lesser (and perhaps more obvious) degree, The XX. The bittersweet lyrics and emotive delivery will stay with you long after the song ends, and, before you know it, you’ll be full of gin and crying on the phone to your much-missed friends, telling them how much you love them.

(u know) u mean a long minute 2 me’ is taken from all cats are beautiful’s debut EP, the things we made, set for release on 6th August via Moshi Moshi.

Vic Conway

Photo Credit: Aaron Price

Track Of The Day: Hearts Beating In Time – ‘Death Is Cancelled’

Honesty and vulnerability graciously emote as Malta’s alt-pop Rebecca Theuma – aka Hearts Beating In Time – shares her latest sparkling single, ‘Death Is Cancelled’. Melodic tones arpeggiate as the track opens and presents a scene for reflection: a world that is spinning as its viewer attempts to digest all that is around them. 

With themes of sadness for society at large, yearning for one another and the battle against mental lethargy, ‘Death Is Cancelled’ takes us on a journey that will seem familiar to many right now. Moments reminiscent of ’80s synth-pop trickle throughout the track with a nostalgic energy, juxtaposed with the contemporary subject matter that emanates as so poignant today. 

The impact of ‘Death Is Cancelled’ is immediate. Between its bubbling danceable melodies, and its echoing vocals that draw you in with a soaring earnest confession, it builds to a captivating, multidimensional experience. 

With a gentle softness that delivers such extravagant moments, it’s evident that Hearts Beating In Time has a knack for existing in more than one place. ‘Death Is Cancelled’ is an ode to the struggles of being an empathetic person in today’s world, brought to us by twinkling sonic sounds of the past. This track serves as a celebration for all the beauty that comes between now and then, and the beauty that will continue to come in our futures.

Of the track, Theuma explains:

To me this song is a celebration of life and death, and the love in between. It is a song to dance to when the abyss opens up in front of you, and you’re dancing with the people you love the most as it consumes you. I like to call it the existential anthem of my life.

Watch the new video for ‘Death Is Cancelled’ here:

Death Is Cancelled‘ is out now via Reckless Yes. It’s taken from Hearts Beating In Time’s upcoming album Songs For Girls.

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Leo Chircop

Track Of The Day: Fightmilk – ‘Overbite’

Following last year’s ‘If You Had A Sister’ and ‘I’m Starting To Think You Don’t Even Want To Go To Space’, GIHE faves Fightmilk have now announced the release of their second album, out next month via Reckless Yes.

Taken from the album, ‘Overbite’ marks a maturing in sound for the band whilst maintaining their trademark anthemic power-pop energy. Propelled by jangling melodies and the endearing, refreshing honesty of its lyricism, the track oozes a subtle romanticism and tongue-in-cheek wit. As the raw emotion and distinctive smooth-yet-husky charm of front-person Lily’s vocals deliver a heartwarming sentiment (“You don’t have to smile if you don’t want to darling, you’re perfect as you are”) alongside scuzzed-out riffs and an infectious, shimmering energy, Fightmilk have created the perfect, alternative fuzzy love-song, complete with their distinctive, quirky charisma and a comforting warmth. A gently uplifting, twinkling slice of blissful indie-pop showcasing a band that are continuously refining their sound and, in the process, consistently continuing to win my heart.

Of the track, the band explain:

We decided to double down: synths, gang vocals and pick scrapes, oh my! This is one of the most uplifting, happy songs we’ve written, and by bookending the album with big joyful explosions, maybe it’ll do something to soothe the collective woe we’ve all been living through.”

‘Overbite’ is accompanied by a super cute animated video created by Jono Ganz, portraying a narrative about perceptions of beauty. Watch it now:

‘Overbite’ is out now. Contender, the upcoming new album from Fightmilk, is set for release on 14th May via Reckless Yes. Pre-order via bandcamp now.

Mari Lane