Track Of The Day: My Idea – ‘Cry Mfer’

‘Cry Mfer’ is the title track from My Idea’s upcoming debut album. It’s melancholic with a nostalgia that simultaneously channels ’80s shoegaze and the perfect US alt-pop you’d find on ’90s teen TV soundtracks (and yes, fellow ’80s babies, I’m talking Dawson’s Creek). Yet the song’s glitchy, steadying beats give it a modern electronic twist that brings it right up to date.

The band, comprising of Palberta’s Lily Konigsberg and Water from Your Eyes’ Nate Amos, admit they were both spiralling when they made ‘Cry Mfer’; it’s a sort-of soundtrack to their collective breaking point. You can hear that sense of chaos in the bittersweet lyrics, and in the song’s urgency. However, Konigsberg’s sweet and spiky vocal that oozes atop the dreamy production still make ‘Cry Mfer’ feel like a polished pop gem.

By channelling their pain into pop perfection, My Idea has bring us a song that you can both sob and shimmy to. Now sober and – in Konigsberg’s words – “getting my life together”, the band’s future potential feels limitless. 

My Idea’s debut album, also entitled Cry Mfer, is set for release on 22nd April via Hardly Art.

Vic Conway

Track Of The Day: Peaness – ‘How I’m Feeling’

Having just announced the release of their debut album, and with acclaim from the likes of Marc Riley on BBC 6Music and Maximo Park’s Paul Smith, Chester trio Peaness have shared a new taster of what’s to come from the upcoming LP. 

Following their buoyant last single ‘What’s The Use?’, ‘How I’m Feeling‘ is propelled by a sunny, playful energy as it offers a reflection on the self-loathing and melancholy that can come from being stuck in an unfulfilling job, whilst offering a glistening sense of hope that, with a bit of determination, you can make a positive change. Oozing glossy, honey-sweet vocals and uplifting, jangling hooks, it’s a perfectly vibrant blast of shimmering punk-pop, set to cheer even the dreariest of January days.

Watch the quirky, cute new video for ‘How I’m Feeling’ here:

World Full Of Worry, the debut album from Peaness, is set for release on 6th May via the band’s own Totally Snick Records. Pre-order here.

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Flamango Bay – ‘LA’

Deciding to play music together whilst at high school in San Francisco, Ikaika Gunderson, Dash Goss Post, and Georgia Manou – aka Flamango Bay – have now announced their debut EP, set for release this May.

Taken from the EP, new single ‘LA’ is propelled by sunny, jangling melodies as it oozes a shimmering allure that ripples alongside smooth, crystalline vocals. Offering a twinkling sense of optimism tinged with the realisation that romantic ideals don’t always live up to one’s expectations, it’s a dreamy slice of indie-pop that glistens with an irresistible, effervescent charm. An instant ear-worm that leaves me longing to hear more of Flamango Bay’s radiant energy and lilting musicality.

Of the track, the band explain:

“Because of life circumstances and the pandemic, we really romanticized moving to LA… We put a lot of expectations on the city to fix our internal problems. However, when we actually moved there, we were still the same people with the same problems.”

Directed by Desmond O’shea and made over 2 days and over 14 hours of driving, ‘LA’ is accompanied by a new video. Watch now:

The Fool, the upcoming debut EP from Flamango Bay, is set for release on 13th May via 0800-Moshi-Moshi.

Mari Lane

ALBUM: Helen Love – ‘This Is My World’

After spending thirty years hidden behind a pair of shades, Welsh indie-pop legends Helen Love have released their most personal album to date. The band’s tenth LP, This Is My World is a reflective, intimate record that explores ageing, loss and front-person Helen Love’s childhood – a departure from their typically joyous odes to punkers and disco dollies.

Full disclosure: I’ve been obsessed with Helen Love for over half my life, so it feels pretty revelatory to hear such personal lyrics. ‘Seaside Town’ is a wistful take on life in a small town, while ‘Clearing Out Mum’s House’ deals with grief and the memories wrapped up in a place. 

This isn’t just Helen Love’s most open album, but it’s their most accessible too. The dizzying, “happy hardcore” beats they’re known for are turned down in favour of a punkier, more melodic and guitar-led sound. Songs like ‘Go-Kart’ are simple and stripped right down, so you can really focus on the vocal and lyrics. That said, the band prove they can still get the party started with the closing title track ‘This Is My World’ – a Pet Shop Boys-esque banger that really shines, combining an infectious ’80s-inspired groove with a poignant, introspective lyricism.

As Helen explains, “Getting older, life changes. Children grow up and leave home, loved ones pass away, friends move on. It’s easier to look back and harder to push forward…it’s not all bubblegum punk rock disco around my house anymore, but in truth, of course, it never was…

By inviting the listener into their world with this punk-driven, powerful record, Helen Love are at their most relevant and relatable here. A fitting album for the post-lockdown era, it’s reassuring to know that even Ms Love’s life isn’t all Casio keyboards and confetti canons.

This Is My World, the upcoming album from Helen Love, is set for release on 28th January via Alcopop! Records.

Vic Conway