Track Of The Day: Blonde Maze x Attom – ‘I Think About’

Having fallen in love with everything that New York-based artist and previous guest on our GIHE radio show, Blonde Maze, has created, my ears were extremely happy to welcome her brand new single. Following 2019’s ‘To The Moon‘ and ‘Not All Flowers Bloom‘, and this year’s ‘Diamond Eyes‘ and a beautiful cover of ‘Fade Into You‘, ‘I Think About‘ is a collaboration with Attom and provides a perfect sparkling summer soundscape.

Flowing with a twinkling, ethereal splendour, ‘I Think About’ reflects on the intrigue of loving deeply, and the realisation that with these feelings come an endearing sense of vulnerability. Oozing an utterly captivating majesty that instantly soothes and uplifts, glistening hooks and glitchy beats float as a swirling undercurrent to the ripple of Amanda’s luscious, heartfelt vocals. As always, with everything Blonde Maze creates, it’s impossible not to become utterly immersed in the track’s blissful lilting grace and cathartic euphoric energy.

Thank you, Blonde Maze, for never failing to lift my spirits and calm my mind with your truly heavenly creations.

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: BLAB – ‘Eton Mess’

A righteous assault on the many failings of the UK government, Southend based multi-instrumentalist BLAB has shared her latest single ‘Eton Mess’. Released via Cool Thing Records, the track is a rumbling “anti-fascist anthem” that proudly sticks two fingers up to the establishment and snarls in the face of the apathetic, privileged men who were born into running it.

“’Eton Mess’ is about the consistent negative impact the Tories have had on the lives of average people,” explains BLAB aka Frances Murray. “It’s about a government so out of touch with people’s everyday lives and a culture of ignorance and apathy amongst the wealthy elite. I am furious at how we can turn a blind eye to a prime minister who is openly racist, homophobic and sexist. How inequality is perpetuated by upholding archaic values in society and continuing to enable a broken system where politicians from the same few private schools in the country are elected. I wanted to find a way to vent my anger and disillusionment with the government and the lives they have jeopardised through austerity and a lack of NHS funding.”

Fuelled by her disdain for current political policies and backed by her anarchic lyrics and riotous guitar riffs, BLAB’s message on ‘Eton Mess’ is clear: speak up and speak loud. She’s currently working on her debut album with Sam Duckworth (Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly) and Rees Broomfield at SS2 Recording in Southend, channelling her riot grrrl attitude into a collection of witty, infectious anthems.

Listen to ‘Eton Mess’ below.


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Photo Credit Shot: James Mannion

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Nun Habit – ‘Marigolds’

A song about eczema, ‘marigolds’ by London five-piece nun habit packs way more of a punch than that description might lead you to expect.

It comes in hard and fast, leaping immediately into a big sound – there’s no gradual build up. Instead, this tightly-structured song is the kind of atmospheric track designed for speakers that make the floor throb. Rich growling bass balances out the shriek of the guitars, interweaving the strings to form an excellent platform for trippy burbling keys.

The low, aching vocals give the song a sense of vulnerability. The lyrics themselves are simple and self-aware, with a lot of feeling in every line and the emotion behind the words is clear. The song drips with anxiety, with exhaustion with toxic-masculine culture; with the resolve to stop caring about the ignorant, judgemental things people say. The vocals draw their power from the lyrics and their grounded tone is uplifted by the roaring music behind them.

There’s a sharp drop part way through; a great use of silence that trips you up, but quickly sweeps you back into the intoxicating sound. This, followed by the abrupt ending, reinforces how well ‘marigolds’ lures you into an entirely different headspace. It sucks you in and spits you out and leaves you wondering where to go for more. (The Kickstarter for their new album hedge fun is a good place to start.)

‘marigolds’ comes with a B-side consisting of a moody house edit by producer Josh Albiston. This version is lighter and slower-paced. It’s spaced out so you can feel more of the texture in the piece. Whilst it’s almost twice as long, it doesn’t feel it. The bright, popping sounds are softer, with gentler drums and vocals that are stripped right back. There’s still a chirpy rhythm to it, but it feels more house party than club dance floor. It fades away until just the throbbing bass line is left; until everything eventually drifts away into silence leaving you, still, eyeing that Kickstarter page.

‘marigolds‘ is out now, ahead of the release of nun habit’s debut album, hedge fun, set for release in August.

Kirstie Summers

LISTEN: GIHE on Soho Radio with BISHI 02.06.21

Tash, Kate & Mari were back on the NYC & Culture channel on Soho Radio for their second GIHE show! They played a mix of golden oldies and new music tunes from some of their favourite women, non-binary and LGBTQ+ artists.

Multi-instrumentalist & all round icon BISHI also joined them to talk about her upcoming WITCiH Digital Festival, the many musical projects she’s involved in and to praise the ground-breaking new Channel 4 drama We Are Lady Parts.

Listen below:

PJ Harvey – This Is Love
Nina Simone – I’m Gonna Leave You
Tirzah – Sink In
MAITA – Dumb (Nirvana Cover for Kill Rock Stars)
Fraulein – Pretty People
Mumble Tide – Sucker
Maeve – Sick
Circe x Sleigh Bells x Dream Wife – TRK 3 (Dream Wife Mega Mix)
Sofia Bolt – Get Out Of My Head
Krush Puppies – Slay The Dragon
Tokky Horror – Eden On Acid
Janette King ft. DijahSB – Cool Me Down
Ragdoll ft. Husk – Throwback
BISHI – Don’t Shoot The Messenger
**Interview with BISHI**
Serpentwithfeet – Fellowship
Fossa Beats – Gonna Be
Wolf Alice – No Hard Feelings
Lemondaze – 1990 nine
Kllo – Still Here
Penelope Trappes – Blood Moon
Solidarity Not Silence – This Is Sisterhood
The Bug Club – Checkmate
Lucy Dacus – VBS
Fightmilk – Hey Annabelle
Sleater-Kinney – Hurry On Home