Track Of The Day: Ishani – ‘Stormy Emotions’

Lamenting the transition from heartbreak in to a new phase of independence; Ishani‘s latest single ‘Stormy Emotions’ fuses trip-hop beats and industrial-pop in sublime style. Brooding, hypnotic and sensual; the single is a cathartic electronic outpouring of personal relief.

Born and raised in Bangalore in India, Ishani later obtained a degree in TV, Film & Radio in Singapore before moving to London to study Audio Engineering at Alchemea & Point Blank. Her music often centers around difficult themes – single ‘Don’t Stop The Fight’ explores the horrific social effects of rape, whilst ‘Dark Angel’ was inspired by the loss of two of her friends to suicide. Despite these traumatic contexts, Ishani’s music breeds an atmosphere of strength and independence, and ‘Stormy Emotions’ is another example of her ability to shine a light on a truly dark situation.

Speaking about the track, Ishani explains: “This song is about the death of a relationship and the overwhelming pain that can come with that. It is also however about moving into a new phase of life.” Ishani’s musical efforts have not gone un-noticed this year; she was made a BBC Introducing artist by Bobby Friction, and she continues to impress bloggers and radio hosts (including us) across the web. Listen to ‘Stormy Emotions’ below and follow Ishani on Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Ishani – ‘Dark Angel’

Following releases such as ‘Don’t Stop The Fight’ and ‘Insomnia’, innovative songwriter Ishani has returned to immerse our ears in another powerful and socially aware offering.

In a bid to raise awareness for Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, ‘Dark Angel’ sees Ishani address the death of two loved ones in a beguiling soundscape. As her rich, soulful vocals soar alongside whirring beats and intricate, twinkling layers of sound, something truly majestic is created. A dark, yet necessary, subject matter, set inside a beautifully stirring slice of infectious electro pop.

Of the track, Ishani explains:

This song was pure therapy. It has helped me cope with the death of two of my friends, both of which turned my whole world upside down. I hope this song can help others. So many people are affected by suicide, whether it is the death of someone close to us or an idol.

So, on World Suicide Prevention Day, take a moment to listen to this poignant offering, and reflect on what we can do to help those in need.


Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Ishani – ‘Insomnia’

Following powerful releases such as ‘Don’t Stop The Fight’, which centred on the horrific social effects of rape, Ishani has returned to immerse our ears in her captivating sounds with new single ‘Insomnia’.

An ode to the one in three of us who suffer with the condition, ‘Insomnia’ flows with Ishani’s soulful vocals set alongside glitchy beats and ethereal, whirring hooks. With shades of the likes of Massive Attack or Grimes, it oozes an exquisite, ambient musicality, creating a truly spellbinding and instantly infectious majestic soundscape.

Of the track, Ishani explains:

 “[It’s] a love song to all of those sleepless people up all night, trapped in their sheets…” 

Mari Lane