Track Of The Day: Ishani – ‘Unkind Vibrations’

Having previously released songs that are cerebral, deeply personal, and ethereal, up-and-coming singer, songwriter and producer Ishani has now shared her latest single. 

‘Unkind Vibrations’ mood and vocal stylings are reminiscent of ’90s alt-pop band Sneaker Pimps – gritty, feminine vocals over sinking beats and trippy melodies. Repeating the words “this is my reality”, Ishani sings of breaking through the daze of overwhelming news and going on a “visual diet” so she can focus on her music; the one thing that gives her clarity. Steezo jumps in with a few bars on his destiny as a musician, having epiphanies after lucid dreaming.

With minimal accompaniment from quintessential trip-hop snares and spare bass lines, Ishani uses a cacophony of her layered vocals to create an atmosphere of anxiety before finally resolving in spinning and glitchy echoes. A soulful and poignant anthem for the times we now find ourselves in. 

‘Unkind Vibrations’ is the first single from Ishani’s upcoming EP, co-produced with Zaflon, which will debut in late summer. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Music, and Soundcloud


Aisha Kasmir

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