Track Of The Day (Comic Review): Deux Furieuses – ‘Year Of Rage’

The fifth in our ‘Comic Reviews’ feature – where illustrator Sally-Anne responds to a new track with her wonderfully unique drawings – we checked out the seething new single from London duo, and GIHE faves, Deux Furieuses.

My War Is Your War, the upcoming album from Deux Furieuses, is out on 18th October via Xtra Mile Recordings. Watch the new video for ‘Year Of Rage’ below:

Sally-Anne Hickman

WATCH: Drea – ‘Monster’

(CW: Rape, sexual assault)

Even in the era of #MeToo, in a time where more womxn are speaking out about sexual assault and their abusers, it’s still rare to hear a song that directly confronts it. However, Los Angeles artist Drea is diving in headfirst with latest track, ‘Monster’.

The video and song are both recounting the night in which Drea was raped. Written almost immediately after that terrible night, the words that flooded out onto the page are near mirror images of the feelings she and many victims are left with in the wake of such an experience: terror, sadness, isolation, and entrapment.

It’s also a reflection on the inner strength she found in herself to get through an experience that far too many share. Of her experience on the night in question, Drea says: “it was like knowing I was going to get in a life-threatening car crash, and having to watch it unfold in slow motion.” All the more, she also knows that no two experiences are the same, still hoping the finished product will speak to other survivors in saying “You’re not alone.”

Drea originally wrote ‘Monster’ as a dance track for another artist, only later realising this was something she wanted for herself. It was her; her survival story and in releasing it, she was boldly standing up for herself against the demons that haunt us.

The track is a collaboration between Drea and Los Angeles-based DJ Kayja. Kayja also provides the unidentified male hands in the video, coming out through the smoke to reveal each terrifying emotion she came away with that night. These safe hands were also the third to take on the production of ‘Monster’, a track years in the making.

In honour of Sexual Assault Awareness Month (which was in April), and her own outpouring into the #MeToo movement, the track and video for ‘Monster’ are bold, honest, and soul-baring. The thumping, slow-rolling music creates the tension of a depersonalised fraction of time; the kind that leaves you asking “why?” forever.

So much of me didn’t want to film this video,” explains Drea. “I didn’t want to go to that place again.” But she did, for an earlier version of herself who felt alone and every other womxn of whom ‘Monster’ stands up for and says, “This is for her.”

Watch the poignant new video for ‘Monster’ here:

‘Monster’ is available across all digital platforms now.

Em Burfitt

Premiere: HEZEN – ‘Bring Your Alibi’

Reflecting on themes of femininity, strength, and vulnerability in her work, London-based French artist HEZEN has previously charmed our ears with the spine-tingling sounds of ‘Oil Fire’, and is now back with a powerful new offering.

Inspired by an imaginary meeting between The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo protagonist Lisbeth Salander and the grim Harvey Weinstein, ‘Bring Your Alibi’ is a reflection on the #MeToo movement and the sense of justice and social upheaval it has hopefully brought. Propelled by glitchy beats and twinkling hooks, it flows with sweeping, honey-sweet vocals, oozing a soaring majestic power. Deeply poignant and resonant in tone, HEZEN has created an utterly infectious alt-pop anthem with stirring, dark undertones.

Of the track, she explains:

The #MeToo movement had a profound effect on me. It felt like an incredible shift – I remember feeling so much admiration for the people who found the courage to tell their story. I was inspired to channel that resilience and courage – it’s like a feminist retelling of David vs Goliath.

Listen to ‘Bring Your Alibi’, for the first time, here:


‘Bring Your Alibi’ is out tomorrow, 22nd February. And you can catch HEZEN live on 27th February at SET, Dalston.

Mari Lane

LISTEN: Amanda Palmer & Jasmine Power – ‘Mr Weinstein Will See You Now’

Matisse said that creativity creates courage. True. Arguably, to create art, one needs to be courageous. As a woman, in the midst of a movement that has been decades if not hundreds of years coming, you have to be courageous. As a woman creating art inspired and as a result of the trauma put upon us as having to be women, you have to be courageous.

Amanda Palmer ticks all of those boxes: a woman, an artist, and courageous.

This week, she released a song inspired by the #MeToo movement. It’s called ‘Mr Weinstein Will See You Now’ and its inception came out of a jam session between Amanda and Welsh singer-songwriter, Jasmine Power. Before that night at dinner, neither woman knew of or had met the other; to go from strangers to collaborators within hours is a rare occurrence, but a good one.

‘Mr Weinstein Will See You Now’ is a single story about and from a single woman with two voices and two minds. We’ve all felt that pull, now and again. Mr Weinstein may not be in all of our stories and his name might not even be uttered once in the lyrics of this track, but in ways, his foulness is.

I listened to the track over and over yesterday, and I’d put every cent I don’t have on betting I wasn’t the only one. Musically, it’s stunningly beautiful and powerful, but it’s in the lyrics that the truth comes to light. Too many women have blamed themselves for men taking advantage of them, and the shame of its occurrence never leaves.

Too many men with too much money and too much power who never give themselves a moment to think about their own actions, preying on victims who suffer in silence and think too much. It’s while writing this that it’s come out that Morgan Freeman has become another name to add to the list, and that list will continue to grow. But we must continue to listen to the women, the men, and the non-binary who have lived through it.

Since her humble, Dresden Dolls beginnings, Amanda Palmer has always kept the line between her and those who listen to her music slim. She likes to hear what people have to say and gives herself to them, and they her. This is evident reading her Patreon post about ‘Mr Weinstein Will See You Now’ and the comments in response to it. The stories, the truth.

100% of proceeds up of ‘Mr Weinstein Will See You Now’, up to 30th June, will go to the TIME’S UP legal defense fund.

Em Burfitt