Track Of The Day: Alice Hubble – ‘Power Play’

In a shadowy universe of glitchy instrumentals, London-based synth-pop artist Alice Hubble has invited us into her euphoric unravelling in her cathartic track ‘Power Play’. Described as “the closest thing (she’s) written to a protest song”, Hubble shares her piece on the #MeToo movement in the form of emotive electronic music.

Through both Hubble’s revealing lyrics that detangle the disparities of sexism and gender-based violence, and her strategic sonic choices made throughout the track, ‘Power Play’ feels like an alleviating climb to a significant release. Hubble achieves this by not shying away from anger and draws from it accordingly. Channeling the relationship between grief and strength, leaving each their own corners.

In anticipation of a new album coming later this year, Hubble’s ‘Power Play’ provides a taste of the mellow, comforting vocals to come, as well as the captivating magnitude of the synth tones that will surround them. It is clear that Hubble’s songwriting stems partly through the voicing of her synths themselves, creating a melodic bath within her approach that is as intricate as it is natural. Interweaving this swirling musicality with the poignant sentiment of the lyrics, Hubble’s ‘Power Play’ stands on its own two feet as it immerses itself firmly in your ears with its empowering, ’80s inspired drive.

Power Play‘ is out now via Happy Robots.

Jillian Goyeau

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