Track Of The Day: Miss Grit – ‘Like You’

A hypnotic blend of clear vocals, electric guitar riffs and mesmeric beats, New York-based, Korean-American musician Margaret Sohn aka Miss Grit has shared their latest single, ‘Like You’. Released to coincide with the news that Sohn has signed to Mute Records, the track is a captivating soundscape that explores the conflicting nature of our inner voices, weighing up which ones to trust and which ones to ignore.

“I had the character of Ex Machina in mind as the voice I was singing from,” Sohn explains about the inspiration behind their new track, which they produced and recorded themselves. “Her arc in the movie felt really beautiful to me, and I wanted to reach the same ending as her in this song.” Through their soft vocals and clear intonation, Sohn brings this android imitation to life, accompanied by the distinct basslines of Zoltan Sindhu.

As a mixed-race, non-binary artist, Sohn has always used their art in order to explore, connect with, and understand their own identity further. Their self-released 2021 EP, Impostoraddressed their “life-long journey through racial impostor syndrome,” whilst their debut EP Talk Talk, tackled the complexities of relationships. On new release ‘Like You’, Sohn once again views life from a different angle, providing listeners with a magnetic musing on what it’s like to dismantle these parts of yourself.

Signing to Mute records has boosted Sohn’s confidence in this journey even more. “Mute is one of the labels I put on a pedestal in my mind,” Sohn comments, “so the fact I was even on their radar was really flattering. And then to think they believed in my music enough to want to work together made me so happy.”

Miss Grit will be playing shows across Europe in October and they will be playing in London on 1st November. Full details below.

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Miss Grit EU Live Dates 2022
26 Oct – Paris (FR), Supersonic Records
27 Oct – Antwerp (BE), Trix Club
29 Oct – Amsterdam (NL) London Calling at Paradiso
1 Nov – London (UK), Amazing Grace

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: HAAi – ‘Head Above The Parakeets’

An experimental, bright musing on pre-empting personal risk, HAAi has shared her latest single ‘Head Above The Parakeets’. Released via Mute, the track is paired with another song titled ‘Rotating In Unison’, and both are lifted from HAAi’s new EP, which is set for release on 11th September.

HAAi has been busy during the lockdown period, performing online shows alongside Mute label boss Daniel Miller for the Love Record Stores event, and a show from her flat in East London for Boiler Room’s Streaming from Isolation series. Now, she’s gearing up to release her new EP, and ‘Head Above The Parakeets’ is a hazy, slickly produced seven minute taste of what’s to come.

Of the track, HAAi explains: “‘Head Above The Parakeets’ is an obvious play on words. To signify the feeling of risk, apprehension and being exposed in what you create. The [accompanying] video was made from footage from some of my favourite festivals and shows over the past year, some of my own visuals and some that were made for my 2019 Sonar show by INSRT. It’s a nostalgic, psychedelic nod to the job and people I love so much, and a reaction to the whirlwind that was my life for the past couple of years.”

Watch the video for ‘Head Above The Parakeets’ below and follow HAAi on Facebook & Spotify for more updates.

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Track Of The Day: KÁRYNN – ‘Segment & The Line’

Atmospheric, ambient, and sharply produced: multidisciplinary artist, composer and vocalist KÁRYYN has shared her latest single ‘Segment & The Line’. The track is part of Quanta 11:11, a double-A-side release comprised of this single, and ‘Today, I Read Your Life Story 11:11’. KÁRYYN has also announced her signing to Mute, and that she’ll be releasing her debut album in 2019.

Fueled by grief, self-discovery, love, quantum physics, and the impact humans have on each other – KÁRYYN’s music spans a variety of themes and genres, making it all the more interesting. Speaking about the new track, she explains: “When this song came out of me, it came out in one go. Like a crow flying deep into the forest in order to bring out the jewels, I had to enter that darkness to discover the truth.” ‘Segment & The Line’ muses on impermanence and the reality of facing the consequences of our actions – something we can all relate to.

We’re looking forward to hearing more of KÁRYYN’s altruistic sounds. Listen to ‘Segment & The Line’ below and follow her on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Derek Hutchison

Kate Crudgington