Track Of The Day: KÁRYNN – ‘Segment & The Line’

Atmospheric, ambient, and sharply produced: multidisciplinary artist, composer and vocalist KÁRYYN has shared her latest single ‘Segment & The Line’. The track is part of Quanta 11:11, a double-A-side release comprised of this single, and ‘Today, I Read Your Life Story 11:11’. KÁRYYN has also announced her signing to Mute, and that she’ll be releasing her debut album in 2019.

Fueled by grief, self-discovery, love, quantum physics, and the impact humans have on each other – KÁRYYN’s music spans a variety of themes and genres, making it all the more interesting. Speaking about the new track, she explains: “When this song came out of me, it came out in one go. Like a crow flying deep into the forest in order to bring out the jewels, I had to enter that darkness to discover the truth.” ‘Segment & The Line’ muses on impermanence and the reality of facing the consequences of our actions – something we can all relate to.

We’re looking forward to hearing more of KÁRYYN’s altruistic sounds. Listen to ‘Segment & The Line’ below and follow her on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Derek Hutchison

Kate Crudgington

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