Track Of The Day: Caswell – ‘Distraction’

Hailing from Suffolk, and long-term GIHE fave, power-pop artist Caswell debuts her first release of 2020 in this spunky, energetic track ‘Distraction’.

With an eerie intro that feels like a long echoing hallway leading to a dance-floor, Caswell teases the scenario of the break-up rebounder. Deep low-ended synths set the song’s vein with dark soundscapes that exude a stirring sense of mystery.

‘Distraction’ breaths with both the hurt and hurry that comes with a break-up. Eagerness is evident, but equally is the presence of escapism. Caswell explains that her intention is to take these common, sometimes taboo scenarios and tell it like it is: “Imagining someone other than who you are with is not something people will openly admit, so this song addresses that quite candidly.”

The track’s wit truly transcends the status quo and does so in a fun, catchy way that is bound to have you up and dancing. With lyrical boldness, a euphoric chorus and a downtempo beat that creates its own atmosphere, Caswell has brought us a versatile banger that is equally suited for the club and a late night drive. 


‘Distraction’ is out now. Listen on Spotify.

Jill Goyeau

Track Of The Day: Madame So – ‘Generation Y’

Having previously blown us away live at The Finsbury, and with acclaim for her last two EPS It’s Not Even A Colour and Sell By Date, Paris-born London-based artist Madame So has returned with a poignant new single.

Bathing in a discordant sea of scuzzy riffs, ‘Generation Y’ builds the tension with a raging sense of urgency. As her vocals ooze a gritty power with a blazing raw emotion, Madame So reflects on how millenials’ youth culture is perceived by older generations, and how this cycle of judgement is snowballing into generations to come. With shades of the frenzied cacophonies of Kim Gordon’s solo material, it’s a soaring slice of immense punk-pop; an impassioned and compelling listen for these times.

‘Generation Y’ is out now. Listen on Spotify.

Mari Lane

Track Of The Day: Penfriend – ‘Everything Looks Normal In The Sunshine’

Amidst the thick of global uncertainty and turmoil, Penfriend (Laura Kidd) releases her new mighty anthem ‘Everything Looks Normal In The Sunshine’, emitting undeniable and hard-hitting hope against our universal haze.

Written in reflection of the state of a pandemic and the emotional strife that it perpetuates, Penfriend asks us to not “second-guess humanity away” and illustrates her current journey with catchy pop melodies in a controlled, yet scuzzy, alternative-rock soundscape.

Crunchy wide-spread guitar tones sit just right, allowing her supportive lyrics to lend a helping hand to listeners as they are whisked away by energetic synth lines and booming drums. Grunge era elements set a solid bed for Penfriend’s lead guitar parts to dance upon its noise, giving the tune a contagious indie hook to its taste.

‘Everything Looks Normal In The Sunshine’ is the supportive essence of a true best-friend, or everyone’s favourite Auntie, and the feeling of dancing a night away. It is the freshness of stretching your lungs with your deepest breath in a while, and the lightness in your footsteps on your home’s carpet after a day’s work. It’s an equal marriage between reflective catharsis and a plan to move forward. Let’s “stand tall and we’ll all take the weight” together, with Penfriend as our inspiration and soundtrack.


‘Everything Looks Normal In The Sunshine’ is out now.

Jillian Goyeau

Video Premiere: Saachi Sen – ‘Flaunt’

Having charmed us with the twinkling musicality of previous single ‘Dark’, as well as playing to a crowd of 10,000 people at last year’s London Pride, Mumbai-born Londoner Saachi Sen has now returned to grace our ears with her brand new single.

Filled with beautifully lilting melodies and plenty of sunny vibes, ‘Flaunt’ flows with Sen’s rich, honey-sweet vocals as she sings with a shimmering heartfelt emotion. A “cute pop song about having a trophy boyfriend”, it’s just an utterly uplifting and totally charming offering, oozing a gentle soothing splendour; a perfect antidote to these uncertain times.

Of the track, Sen explains:

I feel like there are many songs from a male perspective that focus on getting an attractive female partner and then being able to brag about it. I’ve rarely come across similar songs from a woman’s point of view – and there’s a wider stereotype that women approach relationships in an emotional and dramatic way. Flaunt challenges that. Ultimately I just wrote how I was feeling, and ended up with something light-hearted, playfully superficial and totally drama-free.”

Watch the home-made live video for ‘Flaunt’ now:

Mari Lane

#ThrowbackThursday: GIHE w/ The Menstrual Cramps 03.05.18

Due to the current lockdown/coronavirus situation, we’re unable to make it in to the Hoxton Radio studio to broadcast our weekly live new music show from 7-9pm. Instead, we’re sharing previous show recordings as #ThrowbackThursday sessions, so you can still enjoy 2 hours of new music & chats with some of our favourite artists each week.

Today, we’ve picked our May 2018 show with feminist punks The Menstrual Cramps. The grrrls talked to Mari & Kate about their second album, Free Bleedin, how they stand up to neo-nazis, and what originally inspired them to start making music. Kate also casually dropped into the conversation that she won Cooper’s guitar in a raffle at Loud Women‘s 2018 Galentine’s Day Ball (she still hasn’t learned how to play it.)

Listen back to the show here:

Featured Artists
Sonic Youth
Charlotte Carpenter
Suzie Stapleton
Ay Wing
The Parlour
Track Not Found
The Menstrual Cramps
Pink Kink
Amyl & The Sniffers
Witch Fever
Nova Twins
Peaches (feat. Iggy Pop)

#ThrowbackThursday: GIHE w/ Charmpit 10.08.17

Due to the current lockdown/coronavirus situation, we’re unable to make it in to the Hoxton Radio studio to broadcast our live new music show from 7-9pm for the foreseeable future.

We have plenty of past shows to share with you though! We’re sharing previous recordings as #ThrowbackThursday sessions, so you can still enjoy 2 hours of new music, and chats with some of our favourite artists each week.

Today, we’ve picked our August 2017 show with the wonderful Charmpit. The band recently released their debut album, Cause A Stir, via Specialist Subjects Records, which you can listen to/order a copy of here.

Music highlights of this show come from Carolyn’s Fingers, Sink Ya Teeth, Downtown Boys, HVMM, ESG, and GRIP TIGHT.

Listen back to the show here:

Featured Artists
Penny & The Quarters
Smoke Season
Grace Ackerman
Rat & Co
Isaac Gracie
Stress Dolls
Mini Skirt
Sink Your Teeth
Carolyn’s Fingers
Downtown Boys
Soft Fangs
Swine Tax


“You ask me how I feel about it, I feel it’s time to burn it down” MAVICA tentatively reveals on her latest track, ‘Ada Road’. Taken from her upcoming EP, Send Me To The Water, set for release on 24th April via Hidden Track Records; the London-based, Spanish songwriter explores feelings of doubt on this latest offering.

Originally from Cartagena in Spain, MAVICA (aka Marta Casanova) blends elements of indie, pop, and folk to create her emotive, smooth sounds. Since the release of her debut EP Gone in 2019, she’s performed at Mad Cool and Vida Festival, as well as supporting the likes of Roo Panes, Blanco White, and Alice Phoebe Lou on their tours. Now, with a second EP on the way, MAVICA is concentrating on moving forward, and accepting that change isn’t always a bad thing.

She explores this beautifully on ‘Ada Road’, as she eloquently explains: “I wrote ‘Ada Road’ when I was moving out of my old house. I was desperate for a new home, and felt very lost. It felt like I was jumping into an abyss of nothingness and it was a really scary time, where I didn’t know if it was worth staying in London or not. Because of this uncertainty, I felt like my creative output was changing and I didn’t quite understand where it was going, where I was going. I was born in a small town in the South of Spain where the sea is a big part of life there. In this song, I talk about sending me back to the water. When everything was going wrong in London, all I wanted was to go back home to the sea. That anxiety almost crushed me and I wrote this song to get it out, like I needed to expel it in some way.”

MAVICA’s talent for turning personal difficulty in to ear-melting, honest tunes is what makes her music so captivating. Her moving vocals and considerate lyrics, fused with both folk and pop elements in the chorus make ‘Ada Road’ an affecting, but enjoyable listen. Watch the accompanying video for the track below, and follow MAVICA on Spotify and Facebook for more updates.

Kate Crudgington