Track Of The Day: Rookes – ‘Consent’

Following the lavish storm of two critically acclaimed EPs, London artist Rookes gears up for their first full-length, POPNOTPOP, with a spunky first single, ‘Consent‘. 

Set for a November release, POPNOTPOP was self-produced while Rookes experienced the height of the London lockdown. However, this wasn’t all that the Tottenham artist was facing, and ‘Consent’ shines a light on just that. Laced in a sharp, alt-pop casing the captivating track swims through a pool of all the weighted revelations that come with processing a relationship breakdown. As the whirlpools of knowing begin to surface, Rookes showcases a musical maturity reminiscent of St Vincent to share their swirling story. 

With string-like synth pads, angelic background vocals and thumping drum beats, ‘Consent’ never lets up – keeping a catharitically strong energy for its entirety. As it builds in power with each section, Rookes pays off the past with each new dabble. By the track’s climax, layers of chorus and confident lyrics soar through sweeping, soulful vocals, feeling as though they have gone back and answered the call of “I have to turn the light on” from the track’s start. By the track’s anthemic finale, Rookes releases a euphoric, optimistic mix which can only be compared to turning on the lights after a power outage.

 Rookes’ ‘Consent’ is both the revelation and reward after an internal storm.

Jill Goyeau

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