LISTEN: Georgia Chanel – ‘Realise’

Balmy and confessional, ‘Realise‘ is the second single from West Midlands born singer songwriter and producer Georgia Chanel.

Revelling in R&B and neo-soul influences, ‘Realise’ opens with mesmerising cinematic instrumentals over which Georgia’s voice glides like butter to warm toast. This is a heady, all-consuming song which not only shines a light on Georgia’s singing talents but her gift for storytelling too – the lyrics are confessional, introspective and intimate. Word by word Georgia takes us through a series of epiphanies about a past love before settling on the truth of the matter: “I never knew you, I never knew you, I never knew you”. It would be heartbreaking if it weren’t so delicately anthemic, cathartic even. 

Where this could easily be a track of defeat, Georgia lifts us towards empowerment instead. That precise interplay between the bitter and the sweet is what makes this such a perfect accompaniment for our capricious British summer time, whether it’s roof down in the heat or raindrops pelting against mismatched fences, this song will weather well. Somewhere in the background synths and saxophones chime like birds warbling into the wild, creating an other worldly atmosphere. There’s a rawness and a heart here: an authenticity – an artist to watch out for and a song to remember.

Tutku Barbaros


LISTEN: DijahSB ft. Chris Castello – ‘Overtime’

A vibrant, slickly produced R&B tune acknowledging the diligence that’s needed to make your dreams a reality, Toronto-based rapper DijahSB has shared their latest single ‘Overtime’. Taken from their upcoming album Head Above The Waters, which is set for release on 23rd April, the track is a summery collaboration with fellow Toronto songwriter Chris Castello, filled with catchy, candid lyrics and infectious beats.

Influenced by the likes of Kid Cudi, Pusha T and Lupe Fiasco, DijahSB writes music about their experiences as a black non-binary artist, navigating their way through life’s highs and lows with a quick wit and authentic charm. On new single ‘Overtime’, Dijah blends buoyant beats with their catchy rap verses and Castello’s smooth, lush vocals to create an uplifting, fresh slice of pop-infused R&B.

“’Overtime’ is the last single before the album,” Dijah explains. “I’m excited to introduce the world to Chris Castello who is an amazing songwriter and also does most of my artwork. He really made the song come together by telling the story of just always putting in over time to achieve our dreams.”

Watch the lyric video for ‘Overtime’ below.

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Photo Credit: Marius Jadion

Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Priya Ragu – ‘Good Love 2.0’

In a sleek and groovy nuance, Priya Ragu releases an irresistible genre-quaking single with her latest release ‘Good Love 2.0’. The Tamil-Swiss artist has handpicked the absolute salt of her inspirations and constructed a tune that is equally easy as it is innovative, showing clear influence from a multitude of styles.

Pulsing bass and glossy vocals make ‘Good Love 2.0’ a feel-good pop banger, but it is not until Priya’s alternative funk-fuelled post-chorus comes in that we understand the musical density of this tune. With a sea of charismatic hand drums and glitchy production, Priya and her team have engineered the most refreshing taste of R&B that reflects an earnest taste of the current scene.

With shades of artists like Orion Son and King Princess, Priya has used both tender, poetic lyrics and the artistry of sound production itself to paint the emotive picture for her story in ‘Good Love 2.0’. Presenting strong songwriting with clear-cut infatuation-filled lyrics, listeners have such an exhilarating, dreamy treat in store. Optimism and curiosity fuel Priya’s ripened sonic energy that could make anyone, even for just a moment, imagine the sun. ‘Good Love 2.0’ is a moment of contentment and positivity that we all so deserve.

‘Good Love 2.0’ is out now. Listen on Spotify.

Jill Goyeau

ALBUM: Space Captain – ‘All Flowers In Time’

Brooklyn-based band Space Captain have released their eagerly anticipated full length album All Flowers In Time via Tru Thoughts Recordings, and it’s a patient, well-produced, retrospective joy of a record. Influenced by the likes of Thundercat, Amy Winehouse & Bon Iver, the album is an eclectic mix of jazzy trumpet outros, sax solos, and acoustic “e-bow” guitars – blended together by warm, laid back melodies.

Opener ‘Side Eye’ blazes with smooth vocals, gentle guitar and subtle electronics that create a pleasant, hazy atmosphere. It flows in to ‘Blue’ with it’s sweet R&B vibes, which are effortlessly extended on brief interlude ‘Daybreak’. Third track ‘Sycamore’ is a clear highlight, with its wonderfully laid-back, eclectic summer sound. Vocalist Maralisa’s talent is displayed with ease and elegance here and it’s hard not to be swept away by the sax solos and simmering percussion. ‘Loveline / The Drive Home’ brings you back down to earth with it’s easy samba-inspired beats.

‘Cells’ is a dreamy two minutes of nostalgia – “new things with him are like old things with you / but loved like older things I used to do” – whilst ‘Hollow’ unlike it’s name, is full of emotion and drips with melancholy, melodic magic. The band have dubbed penultimate track ‘Hours’ as the “country hit on the album”, but that’s too simplistic a label. It’s another emotionally charged offering from vocalist Maralisa and proves the multi-instrumental sensitivities of the band are finely tuned.

‘Flood’ closes the record with more of Space Captain’s trademark relaxed beats and guitar-led melodies. All Flowers In Time is proof of the band’s “unique musical chemistry”, and you’ll be swept away on nostalgic waves each time you listen. Grab your copy of the album here and follow Space Captain on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Patricia Lopez

Kate Crudgington