Track Of The Day: Dawn To Dawn – ‘Care’

Montreal based trio – Tess Roby, Adam Ohr and Patrick Lee – aka Dawn to Dawn – are due to release a full length LP in spring 2022 and are drip feeding singles throughout this year as an advance taster – ‘Care’ is the latest of these. It’s a gentle and stylish ode to the sheer joy felt when dancing away summer nights.

The track opens with laidback synths treading lightly over a chilled-out drum loop. First impressions are that this is either the song that you dance to at 3am in the club once the DJ has their flow on and the dance-floor is in full swing, or the song in your headphones the next morning as you make your way home. Roby’s shimmering vocals act as an extra textural layer rather than a front and centre feature of Dawn to Dawn’s sound. Long, warm, and breathy, the delivery is so sensual and relaxed you can almost hear the sunrise. The lyrics are minimalist, depicting a dance-floor crush walking away in the sunrise as the encroaching light cuts off the chance to catch up to them. 

Dawn to Dawn have also created a stunning video clip to go with the track. Shot on 16mm, it has the feel of a ’70s/’80s home video and depicts three friends dancing wildly in the studio, driving the streets in early morning sunlight, sharing a glass of wine. Scenes are non-chronological and recreate the sense of lost time so familiar to anyone who has had a massive night out dancing with friends. 

Watch the new video here:

‘Care’ is out now  and is available on bandcamp.

Kate Sullivan

Track Of The Day: Catherine Moan – ‘Drop It!’

A playful synth-pop tune that fizzes with feel-good vibes, Philadelphia-based musician Catherine Moan has shared her latest single ‘Drop It!’. Taken from her upcoming debut album Chain Reaction, which is set for release later this year via Born Losers Records, the track is an 80s tinged exploration of joy and love, underscored by a relatable feeling of loneliness.

Inspired by the likes of Depeche Mode, CHVRCHES and The Chromatics, Catherine Moan blends dancing beats, yearning vocals and cinematic synths to create her shimmering electronic sounds, with ‘Drop It!’ being a catchy combination of all three. “The song is about a burst of desire to drop what you’re doing and go out dancing with someone you love,” Catherine explains. “I wrote it in the middle of the winter of the pandemic trying to channel the harsh isolation into an exciting and catchy dance song.”

Like many artists, Catherine used the mandatory solitude that Covid-19 brought to her advantage, writing and recording her upcoming record. “My debut album Chain Reaction is a product of a year spent habitually online in my bedroom. The songs tell a story of digital love and coping with excessive solitude with your own body in isolation.”

Watch the video for ‘Drop It!’ below.

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Kate Crudgington

Track Of The Day: Hearts Beating In Time – ‘Death Is Cancelled’

Honesty and vulnerability graciously emote as Malta’s alt-pop Rebecca Theuma – aka Hearts Beating In Time – shares her latest sparkling single, ‘Death Is Cancelled’. Melodic tones arpeggiate as the track opens and presents a scene for reflection: a world that is spinning as its viewer attempts to digest all that is around them. 

With themes of sadness for society at large, yearning for one another and the battle against mental lethargy, ‘Death Is Cancelled’ takes us on a journey that will seem familiar to many right now. Moments reminiscent of ’80s synth-pop trickle throughout the track with a nostalgic energy, juxtaposed with the contemporary subject matter that emanates as so poignant today. 

The impact of ‘Death Is Cancelled’ is immediate. Between its bubbling danceable melodies, and its echoing vocals that draw you in with a soaring earnest confession, it builds to a captivating, multidimensional experience. 

With a gentle softness that delivers such extravagant moments, it’s evident that Hearts Beating In Time has a knack for existing in more than one place. ‘Death Is Cancelled’ is an ode to the struggles of being an empathetic person in today’s world, brought to us by twinkling sonic sounds of the past. This track serves as a celebration for all the beauty that comes between now and then, and the beauty that will continue to come in our futures.

Of the track, Theuma explains:

To me this song is a celebration of life and death, and the love in between. It is a song to dance to when the abyss opens up in front of you, and you’re dancing with the people you love the most as it consumes you. I like to call it the existential anthem of my life.

Watch the new video for ‘Death Is Cancelled’ here:

Death Is Cancelled‘ is out now via Reckless Yes. It’s taken from Hearts Beating In Time’s upcoming album Songs For Girls.

Jill Goyeau

Photo Credit: Leo Chircop

Track Of The Day: HighSchool – ‘De facto’

A yo-yoing, infectious synth tune that dwells on the darker side of love, Melbourne trio HighSchool have shared their latest single ‘De facto’. Released via Dalliance Recordings, the track traces the highs and lows of falling into a romantic relationship via its racing beats, brooding bass lines and catchy electronics.

Formed of Lilli Trobbianni, Luke Scott and Rory Trobbiani, HighSchool are inspired by the sounds of New Order, LCD Soundsystem and Future Islands. Through their pulsing beats, catchy synths and Rory’s meandering vocals, the band focus their song-writing lens on the shadowy space between euphoria and melancholy, with new single ‘De facto’ shining a light on the complexities of romance.

“We created ‘De facto’ to shed a mortal light on love,” the band explain. “It presents relationships as being temporary and expected.” This unease around the illusions and fallacies of the sought after emotion are reflected in the track’s accompanying video. Self-directed by the trio, the visuals contrast footage of the band performing with flashes of pagan-like rituals and other paraphernalia associated with love and death, exposing the romanticism and the ridiculousness of it all.

HighSchool are currently putting the final touches to their debut EP which should be melting our ear drums by the summer. Watch the video for ‘De facto’ below.

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Photo Credit: Hannah Mckimmie

Kate Crudgington