Track Of The Day: Pink Kink – ‘Bubblebutt’

For the last couple of years five-piece Pink Kink have been making a name for themselves in Liverpool and out into the north west, their live performances but lack of recorded music online meaning the band’s reputation has spread by word of mouth more than social media shareables. This alone is an interesting premise in the current day, but when you do hear them (or even better, see them) it becomes mundane in comparison to their sound and aesthetic.

Diversity is at the heart of the band – from each member hailing from a different part of Europe to the subjects they sing about and the genres they clash together. Hugely creative, wide-eyed and glitter-strewn, the band don’t limit themselves nor pay much heed to any expectations you might have.

And now, finally, they are sharing a little of their sound online. First track ‘Bubblebutt’ has now made its way onto the internet; a 1 minute 46 second fierce, playful-sounding, brilliant attack on everyday sexism, all wrapped in psychobilly-infused pop, whirling echoing keyboards and playground chants. Individual and immediate, this track is just a teaser – Pink Kink are truly a band to get excited about.

Catch Pink Kink live:

12 October – The Boston Arms, London (w/ Dead Pretties)
21 October – SWN Festival
21 October – Simple Things Festival, Bristol
4 November – Music Week Closing Party, Liverpool

Sarah Lay

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