Track Of The Day: Blonde Maze – ‘Thunder’

I’ve pretty much been addicted to everything New York artist Blonde Maze has created since meeting her when she was a guest on our radio show over a year ago. There are days when I find myself just listening to the sheer blissful sounds of tracks such as ‘Awake/Asleep’ and ‘Antartica’ on repeat for hours, just getting lost in their luscious, dreamy haze… So, I was pretty pleased to discover that, after a twelve month break from releasing music, Blonde Maze is back with another majestic electro-pop offering.

Oozing her trademark shimmering, ethereal melodies and atmospheric, sweeping synths, ‘Thunder’ is filled with rich textures and interwoven musical layers, making for a beautiful and utterly captivating slice of electro-pop. Of the track, Blonde Maze explains:

“‘Thunder’ is about growing and changing with someone…You start to miss older times with them, but you also acknowledge that the growth has made them an inseparable part of your heart. Sometimes, with a relationship’s maturity, you lose your patience more, you let your guard down, and you get hurt, but the beauty of this maturity is that there becomes no one else in the world you are as comfortable growing with.”

So, let yourself become completely immersed in and addicted to the dreamy splendour of ‘Thunder’, as we wait for the release of a new EP…

Mari Lane

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