Track Of The Day: Onsind – ‘Immature’

“Do I sound like a teenager, When I say that you’ve infantalised our rage, When I say I want to put myself in danger, Do I sound immature?”

The first single to be taken from new album We Wilt, We Bloom, released next month on Specialist Subject records, Onsind’s Immature’ is the perfect intersection of upbeat indiepop melody and down-but-not-out societal dissatisfaction.

Tackling the dissonance between the baby boomers who grew up cushioned by the welfare state and healthy economies, and the younger generations accused of “wanting it all on a plate” the track wraps scathing ironies in pop-punk jaunt. Amid jangling yet scratchy guitar the lyric brings forth the ennui of the disaffected, the numbing sense of futility punctured only by blooms of anger.

Not unsurprisingly given the shared members between the bands, the track shares melodic similarities with Martha, but where lyrically the latter tends to hang hope on the breadth of love, Onsind is a more overtly political beast. And it is so without the polarising spit and snarl of typical punk but with a more considered navigation of the often murky waters of society and class. When in ‘Immature’ they pit the haves of the older generation against the have nots of the younger, it is not with a binary outcome but rather a subtle entanglement that we are all at once both the winner and the loser in life.

Perfect pop in the sense you can sing along to the chorus saved from the everyday in the purity of voices raised together in song, or can find comfort in words which in a generously intellectual way resonate where little else seems to be able to make you feel. As a lead track it bodes well for a long-awaited album and is another moment of growth in this band which has been sharing our anger and our joys for a decade now.


‘Immature’ is out now. All donations made on this pay what you like track will be donated to Salvage Collective , an organisation supporting women (cis, trans & intersex), trans & non-binary survivors & activists who experience gender oppression, violence and abuse in UK activist communities. Find it on Onsind’s Bandcamp

Sarah Lay 

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