WATCH: Noga Erez – ‘Balkada’

Following incredible singles such as ‘Dance While You Shoot’, Noga Erez has shared another supremely cool offering from her latest Off The Radar album.

With its glitchy, soaring energy, ‘Balkada’ is a truly captivating slice of alt-pop, oozing Erez’s trademark stunning, subtle power that’ll draw you in and leave you completely hooked. Inspired by the relationship between an artist and their audience, and the intimate bond that develops, Erez explains of the track:

While the artist is presented as super-human or divine being and appears to be on the dominant side of the relationship, the opposite is actually true” explains Erez. “The idea of idolization and worship in their obsessive and blind form led us to the commonly used comparison between art and religion – between creativity and creation, and how the two can easily look the same and cross over.”

Watch Erez dance it out against the striking Tel Aviv skyline in the new video for ‘Balkada’ here:

Off The Radar, the latest album from Noga Erez, is out now.

Mari Lane

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