Track Of The Day: Miya Folick – ‘Give It To Me’

“Some people see this as a last chance at love song and idgaf what you take from my music, but to me it’s more about insidious people who take and take and make false promises. And about feeling let down by the narrative you’ve been fed. It’s about recognising your worth and demanding it.”

Thrown back and forth by the force of a rollercoaster Miya Folick seems not so much to sing the words of latest single ‘Give It To Me’ but to drag them from somewhere deep within; sentiments hewn of blood and bone, which have been hidden but can no longer be left unsaid.

Even when wronged, love remains, but this song – as Folick says herself – is as much about learning self-love and shining that light on darker hearts. Not such a soft glowing light of romantic sunrise or submissive desire, this is a light of searing awe that burns into you, an uncompromising and raw cry demanding a return to balance. Lyrically and in melodic feel it is the rush of energy into the void hollowed out by another, by the system, by the weariness of the game changing even when you follow all their damn rules. The breath held as the coaster climbs, the unstoppable scream at the drop. The calm, the storm, and the raging inside throughout it all.

Having already toured North America with Foster The People and completed a stint around Europe this year, Folick is well lined up to reach a wider audience with her genre-defying sound of alt-rock guitars, punk snarl, and a vocal range between the whisper of folk and the spine-tingle of soul. ‘Give It To Me’ may well be the track which helps to bring her to the fore, powerfully blending this range of styles with cinematic scope.

Listen to ‘Give It To Me’ here:

‘Give It To Me’ is out on 3 November 2017 via Terrible Records.


Sarah Lay


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