Track Of The Day: DIDI – ‘Back Off’

It’s hard to believe that GIHE favourite Lauren Deakin Davies – aka DIDI only embarked on her solo career in March this year, having already received praise from the likes of BBC 6 Music’s Chris Hawkins and Tom Robinson’s Fresh On The Net. A pretty impressive feat for just about 7 months’ work! And now she’s treated us to another expressive, attitude-filled anthem.

Filled with DIDI’s trademark joyous energy and laden with astute social observation, ‘Back Off’ is another impassioned slice of empowering punk-pop from the young artist. Of the inspiration behind the track, DIDI explains:

“I was on the way back from a gig, on the late night train from London, where I witnessed a guy shouting at a drunk girl to be quiet. He starting dissing her education and race and it really pissed me off. I was about to wade in but she was sticking up for herself so well, had a sassy come back for everything and it actually made me sad that this was clearly not the first time she had had to deal with this. So I just had to write a song about it there and then, before I could go to sleep. as I was so angry! In recording it, I was really pleased to have some additional vocal contribution from Minnie Birch, Lewis Bootle, Penny Churchill and Rhiannon Mair.”

Created by Dani O’Brien, the punchy brand new lyric video for ‘Back Off’ is out now, and you can watch it here:

DIDI is fast turning heads as a provocative, fearless solo performer, as well as a record producer, and recently won Producer of the Year from East Anglia’s NMG Awards. Her debut EP is out early 2018, and you can catch her live next week 10th November at Get In Her Ears Live at The Finsbury, along with The Magnettes, MeMe Detroit and Carolyn’s Fingers!


Mari Lane

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