EP: Nova Twins – ‘Mood Swings’

Whatever mood you find yourself in, we guarantee Nova Twins‘ new EP is going to swing it around. The duo have followed up their self-titled debut with a knockout set of new tracks on Mood Swings, and the duo are sounding as loud and as lethal as ever.

Driven by devious and distorted bass lines, Nova Twins – aka Amy & Georgia – have an unrivaled instinct for writing anarchic anthems. Eponymous opening track ‘Mood Swings’ is a warped reflection of swift emotional shifts that will be buzzing around your brain long after it’s stopped playing. It leads in to the upbeat ‘Strange Towns’ with a chorus so catchy you’ll be singing it out loud as you parade around the streets.

Things take a heavier turn on ‘Losing Sleep’, a defiant three minutes of menacing bass lines, fiery vocals and wicked little guitar riffs. The aptly named ‘Elephant’ closes the EP with more of Nova Twins’ ferocious, uncompromising rhythms and it’s a stomper of a track that will bring the house down when the pair headline Camden Assembly at the end of November (tickets are still available here).

Wherever you are – stop what you’re doing, put Nova Twins on and let the sound of Mood Swings grind you down to dust.

Mood Swings is available to download now. Follow Nova Twins on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Mona Cordes

Kate Crudgington

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