Introducing Interview: Amaroun

Amaroun released her debut single ‘Bed Bugs’ this month, a beautiful shimmering song, that dissolves into a total husky delight.

We caught up with Amaroun to talk about her roots, 2018 and her upcoming gig supporting Benedict Benjamin where she will deliver “genre-mashing alternative pop songs, true love stories and a little swearing”. Can’t wait.

Welcome to Get In Her Ears! Can you tell us a bit about Amaroun and how it all started?
The name Amaroun comes from my ancestors – escaped slaves who became ‘maroons’ in the Caribbean. The name relates to my roots and on a deeper level it also relates to myself. I came out last year and escaped to Paris, where all the songs we’re playing and recording now flooded out of me. Amaroun songs are a mix of all that: my emotions, echoes from my past and ideas of the reflective future. That’s the heart of Amaroun.

You’ve been described by Chris Hawkins (BBC 6 Music) as “A new artist with a bright future – one of my Ones To Watch for 2018”. It must be great to receive this sort of support from the music community?
Oh yes definitely! It feels so good to get some positive feedback for my music. It feels good to see the music growing.

We’re loving the new single ‘Bed Bugs’ at Get In Her Ears HQ, which we’ve played on the radio show. Can you tell us a bit about the song and what inspired it? 
Thanks so much for playing it! ‘Bed Bugs’ was written at a time in my life when I was learning a lot about myself. I was heartbroken, introverted and confused. Definitely in a transitional period. I was writing song after song trying to release this feeling. ‘Bed Bugs’ are the digital noise in your head. The doubt and the dirt. But it’s a song for lifting and inspiring.


Your music has been likened to Erykah Badu, PJ Harvey and Feist, all amazing female artists. Who would you say influences you musically?
All three of those artists have definitely had an influence on the subconscious choices I make when I’m creating music. I grew up on a big mix of genres. People like Eels, Damon Albarn, Serge Gainsbourg, Stromae, Julian Casablancas, Bjork, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley and many others. They’re all artists I admire and it’s a great feeling to be compared to some of them. I take it as a massive compliment.

How are you finding being a solo female artist in the male dominated music industry?
I stay strong and proud as a woman in every aspect of my life, whether I’m in music mode or not. I try to only give out love and respect, and to call people out on it if I don’t get the same back in return.

So you’re playing at the Sebright Arms on the 29th November, what can people expect from your live shows?
Genre-mashing alternative pop songs, true love stories and a little swearing.

What’s 2018 got in store for Amaroun?
I’ve got two more singles to come on LGM Records. The next one is called ‘Made A Fire’ and is a narrative sequel to ‘Bed Bugs’. I’m also working with some incredible artists on a top secret recording project, and am about to announce my first ever London headline show. That’ll be in March and I can’t wait!

Finally as we’re a new music focused site, are there any other new/upcoming bands or artists you’d suggest we check out?
Sure! Francobollo, Nervous Conditions, Charles Watson, Oh Sister, Athlete Whipet, Jo Goes Hunting.

Huge thanks to Amaroun for answering our questions! 

The debut single ‘Bed Bugs’ is out now via LGM Records and you can catch Amaroun live at The Sebright Arms on the 29th November.

Tash Walker

Photo credit: Anna Michell

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