Track(s) Of The Day: Yumi And The Weather – ‘Long Before / Callum’

Yumi And The Weather is Brighton-based project fronted by the crystalline-voiced singer/songwriter/producer, Ruby Taylor. For those who let their ears and whole bodies drift to her wave, Yumi And The Weather make beautiful indie-electro pop, mixed with guitar, serving up dreams of endless, blissful summers, with an added depth. Now, Taylor has offered us a taste of what’s to come on next year’s debut album with a special AA side release.

‘Long Before’ is a sparkling guitar-led song reminiscent of Blondie. The lyrics soar around the crevices of a doomed relationship – “You were hiding from me/lying to me long before you came around to me.” The thrilling guitar solidifies the poignancy of the lyrics, lifting it up and letting it explode into sonic stardust.

‘Callum’, however, is a more introspective, electronica-fuelled offering. Another break-up song, Taylor’s voice repeats the name “Callum” throughout the beautiful chorus as the track builds to a powerful climax, ending with the poignant lyrics: “Like flowers that bloomed and slowly died… You didn’t seem to notice.”

Both tracks add beauty to the mundane, turning heartbreak into something transformative. The perfect sustinence for cold November days to make the endorphins dance again.


‘Long Before / Callum’ is out now via MIOHMI Records. Yumi And The Weather’s debut album is due for release in May 2018, but in the mean time, listen to more of her on Soundcloud – she deserves your love!

Fi Ni Aicead

Photo Credit: Joeseth Carter

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