LISTEN: PRVNA – ‘Homework’

‘Homework’ is the debut single from South London solo artist PRVNA. As ethereal, soulful vocals ease us into the R&B slow-jam inspired track, the gently layered backing vocals create a multi-dimensional feel, with previously unnoticed details picked up with each listen.

An ode to a life lesson which many listeners would no doubt be able to relate to, ‘Homework’ is a tale of opening up our hearts too soon in a relationship and exposing our vulnerabilities, only to end up being hurt. PRVNA conveys her message through many elements of her track, including lyrics which could be advice given to us from our older sisters: “… you’ve done it again / you’ve opened up to the wrong man / and how is he meant to know your worth / when you never let him do the homework?”.

‘Homework’ hints to us that PRVNA is willing to expose her vulnerabilities for her craft, singing with a frank realness to uplift others in a show of sisterly solidarity. So, if that is what you need in your life right now, make yourself a hot chocolate and press play.

‘Homework’, the debut single from PRVNA, is out now on Apple Music and Spotify.

Nicky Lee-Delisle 

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