LIVE: Bloom Twins @ 229 The Venue, 07.12.17

Ukrainian multi-instrumental sister act Bloom Twins delivered their unique blend of electro-dark pop to an enthusiastic crowd at 229 The Venue last Thursday night.

Despite an overlay of darkness being their signature style on their tracks, Sonya and Anya bring a charismatic energy to their performance – being completely at ease joking with the crowd between songs, encouraging us all to let loose by jumping up and down on cue. There was no need for instructions in order to get the crowd dancing, however, as the energy from the twins is utterly contagious. Playing multiple instruments throughout a set would be enough to bring any musician out in a nervous sweat, but rotating through drums, flutes and harmonicas comes as second nature to Bloom Twins, as natural to them as breathing.

The twins’ first single ‘Fahrenheit’ evokes a sense of warm nostalgia throughout the crowd and reminds us just how far The Ukrainian sisters have come on their musical journey; not only being a part of UNICEF’s ‘Imagine’ campaign but also embarking on a world tour with Duran Duran in 2016.

We’re also treated to a preview of their latest single ‘Talk To Me’, an electro-pop ballad which tackles the heavy issue of mental illness. Whilst there’s been much coverage in the media surrounding mental illness in the music industry recently, ‘Talk To Me’ carries hope that one day the stigma will be removed entirely – giving the message to open up about issues that are weighing you down.

Being identical twins, it is an obvious cliché to state that Bloom Twins share a special bond. However, once they’re both on stage the bond between them is highlighted, reflected via beautiful vocal harmonies with both sisters possessing an effortless, extensive range.

Bloom Twins never fail to captivate with their performances; casting us all under their spell with haunting harmonies, boundless energy and overall raw talent.

Nicky Lee-Delisle



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