Track Of The Day: NADINE – ‘Not My Kinda Movie’

Minneapolis/New York trio NADINE have now shared the second single from their forthcoming debut album.

Not My Kinda Movie’ has a dream-like, jazzy sound, the voice and instrumentation exploring all possibilities. However, the song is no lounge lizard – it seeks the meaning behind the nature of desire in a social-media obsessed world. “What comes to you twice as strong? What seeks you out and makes you feel? Tell me there is more to you than what you like.

The song explores a lack of ‘real’ communication between people, demanding honesty (“Bring me the bad news”), before leaving us with a sense of the unknown as it drifts out in psychedelic tones. Nadia Hulett’s powerful vocals offer a strong perspective, while the instruments add another layer of interest and wonder to the listener, taking surprising twists and turns. If this song is a movie, it is artful, inspiring, and unaffected (no spoilers!). Expect the unexpected, with some warm colours on the palette.  


oh my, the debut album from NADINE, is due 26th January 2018 on Memphis Industries and Father/Daughter.


Fi Ni Aicead

Photo Credit: Sulia Rose Altenberg

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