Track Of The Day: Chiara Berardelli – ‘Deep Space Hibernation’

Following My Big Mouth and Don’t Be So Lovely, Scottish artist Chiara Berardelli is now set to release her new album, Seamonster. Confronting one of her most painful inner heartaches – the sadness of not having children – she’s taken more control in every part of the recording process, allowing her to impart her ideas at a deeper level than ever before.

Taken from the album is new single ‘Deep Space Hibernation’. Otherworldly, raspy violins within the intro provide an element of the unknown and other-worldly space before they unexpectedly fall away to the gentle pace of piano melodies. The soft tone which ‘Deep Space Hibernation’ suddenly adapts from here causes your mind to float away with the chords and – with Chiara’s soothing, husky vocals – you’ll find yourself within your own realms of deep space in an instant. 

Although the pace is gentle, ‘Deep Space Hibernation’ talks of finding that quiet strength which is in all of us. Singing of the “Fire in my soul”, Berardelli seems to have created a metaphor for the space between being mentally tired, but not ready to give up. The late addition of drums aids this symbolism, and also picks up the energy before being layered ethereally against luscious vocal soundbites.  

Of the track, Chiara explains:

“When I was at my lowest ebb, the idea of going to sleep for a long time and waking up when the pain was over seemed very attractive. Although it depicts sadness, I think it’s an uplifting song, perhaps reflected by the analogy of space, something way bigger than ourselves.”

Although tinged with bittersweet sadness, ‘Deep Space Hibernation’ also contains an air of uplifting hope, which deems the single the perfect easy listening song for those gentle Sunday mornings.


Seamonster, the upcoming album from Chiara Berardelli, is out 2nd March.

Nicky Lee Delisle


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