ALBUM: Dream Wife – ‘Dream Wife’

Fearless on stage and now on record, Dream Wife‘s debut self-titled album is a joyful declaration of defiance and self-autonomy, designed to motivate listeners in to embracing life, love, and the fires that spark when you overcome adversity.

Released via Lucky Number on 26th January, the album bursts open with ‘Let’s Make Out’, a confident display of catchy riffs and Rakel’s trademark sweet & shouty vocals. It’s a shameless celebration of consensual lip-action that will have you eyeing up your crush’s cupid’s bow. We were on set for the video shoot at Dream Wife’s ‘Fake Prom’ last year, so hearing this track makes us gush with happiness.

The liberating ‘Somebody’ is a poignant anthem about reclaiming your body after sexual assault, with a chorus that all women should adopt as a mantra: “I am not my body, I am somebody”. Despite the traumatic context, it’s a steady, life-affirming listen that resonates long after Alice’s guitar riffs stop ringing. It leads in to the riotous ‘Fire’, which blazes with glorious energy. Bella’s bass smoulders as Rakel sings of a flickering, heated romance.

The theme of love permeates the record and the Wives explore its spectrum in numerous ways. ‘Hey Heartbreaker’ will have you staring down any troublemaker who tries to be reckless with your heart, whilst the soft, sultry sounding ‘Love Without Reason’ explores the unjustified adoration we bestow on our partners. Previous single ‘Kids’ plays out with its care-free, up-tempo attitude, as does the intoxicating ‘Taste’.

In the blink of an eye, the trio can switch to antagonistic, as Rakel’s mockingly sweet vocals on ‘Act My Age’ perfectly demonstrate. She confronts listeners in the chorus with the line “Do I amuse you? / Do I confuse you?” with her sharp delivery, making this a standout track on the record. The brief, youthful urgency of ‘Right Now’ flows into an invitation you can’t refuse on penultimate track, ‘Spend The Night’.

Live highlight ‘F.U.U.’ is the perfect way to end this exploration of relentless passion in all its forms from the trio who “worship at the twin altars of David Bowie and Madonna.” There’s a reason these self-proclaimed “Bad Bitches” are doing so well. Their dedication to their music, their fans and to each other is more intense than any of the forces that seek to undermine them. #DreamWife4Lyf.

Pre-order your copy of Dream Wife’s debut album on CD/Vinyl here.

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Kate Crudgington

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