Track Of The Day: Tango With The Lions – ‘What You’ve Become’

Tango With Lions have been one of Greece’s biggest English speaking bands since 2010. Fronted by vocalist Katerina Papachristou, the band are known for their dreamy, melodic, hazy tracks that linger in the memory long after they’ve finished spinning.

The group have returned after a five year absence with new album, The Light, which was released via Inner Ear Records earlier this month. Their second single ‘What You’ve Become’ is taken from the record, and it’s a summery, laid back delight. It follows on from previous release ‘Proof Of Desire’, which plays out in a similar, shimmering vein.

Speaking of Tango With The Lion’s new album, Katerina explains:
“The Light depicts my wobble between light and darkness for an extended period of time. Dealing with grief and suffering from blackouts, my only thought was to cling to music in order to sort things out and reach the light again. I consider this album as a vivid impression of all the ups and downs I went through while creating it: exaggerated hope, sarcasm, nihilism, nostalgia, love, broken relationships, death and life, all blended together with the sole vision to feel whole again.”

We think Katerina suceeds with her vision on ‘What You’ve Become’. Listen to the track below, and follow Tango With The Lions on Facebook for more updates.

Photo Credit: Eftychia Vlachou

Kate Crudgington

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