LIVE: Dream Wife – Sebright Arms, London 26.01.18

Pastel-coloured party balloons littered the basement floor of Hackney’s Sebright Arms last night as power trio Dream Wife took to the stage to celebrate the release of their debut self-titled album (released via Lucky Number). After tearing through a knockout rendition of ‘Hey Heartbreaker’, vocalist Rakel thanked the crowd for joining the “intimate soiree”, followed by extensive and genuine thanks from guitarist Alice, and bassist Bella.

Having recently returned from New York to play the album launch show, there was no evidence of jet-lag or fatigue in their performance (even though Alice admitted she was “sick as a dog”). ‘Lolita’ and ‘Fire’ sparked a frenzied but friendly mosh that was maintained for the majority of their set, and new tracks ‘Love Without Reason’ and ‘Right Now’ sparkled like gems. Old favourite ‘F.U.U.’ never fails to rile up the crowd; there’s something overwhelmingly liberating about watching the girls thunder through this track, gleefully threatening to undo your image with a vicious haircut.

The live impact of poignant anthem ‘Somebody’ never fades. Whether you’re a “Bad Bitch” at the front, or an ally at the back: hearing Rakel speak her truth with defiant flare is always affecting – whether it’s your first, or fifth Dream Wife gig. It was seamlessly followed by new track ‘Act My Age’, the chorus of which sparked further po-going and pushing in the mosh. Rakel’s unapologetic, confident delivery lead her out in to the hands of the crowd, who lifted her up to the ceiling and – in her own words – made her feel “cradled like a baby”.

Dream Wife have built this creative, supportive community around them, and they were happy to thank individual members of their team mid-set, as well as continuously speaking words of gratitude to their fans (and sharing the champagne they’d opened at the beginning of the show). They closed the night by handing out pom-poms to fans, who cheer-leadered their way through the riotous finale track, ‘Let’s Make Out’.

Dream Wife’s Sebright gig proved that they’re one of the most cherished bands on the circuit right now, and they should be immensely proud of their debut, their exceptional live delivery, and their obvious dedication to making each other’s dreams of being in a brilliant band, a reality. #DreamWife4Lyf

Photo Credit: Joanna Kiely

Kate Crudgington

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