LIVE: Black Gold Buffalo – The Waiting Room, London 07.02.18

Black Gold Buffalo performed to a packed Waiting Room in Stoke Newington on Wednesday night, proving that their brief absence from the live scene has not altered their ability to deliver sharp renditions of their intoxicating sounds.

Although the band have undergone line-up changes since their conception in 2012, they’re still fronted by vocalist Keziah Stillwell, with the multi-talented Hannah Holland on bass and production. Guitarist Marc Hayward and percussionist Joy Joseph now complete the group, helping to bring Black Gold Buffalo’s moody, atmospheric tracks to life.

Keziah’s vocals and performance style made the set all the more compelling. She captivated to crowd with her majestic voice and fans happily complied when she asked them to step forward to fill the space in front of the stage. Joy’s intense and vital percussion anchored the set, working in harmony with Hannah’s brooding basslines and Marc’s melodic guitar riffs.

The band played a selection of new and old tracks, but recent singles ‘Pearls Deep’ and ‘Lay It Down’ rang out the clearest, both of which will feature on the group’s self-titled debut album which is set for release later this year. Full of urgency, atmosphere and energy, Black Gold Buffalo should be at the top of your live “to see” list.

Follow Black Gold Buffalo on Facebook for updates about future gigs.

Kate Crudgington

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