Track Of The Day: Half Waif – ‘Keep It Out’

Brooklyn based Nandi Rose Plunkett writes, records and performs under the name Half Waif and she has released an impressive output of sophisticated electro-pop fused with Celtic melody. Her music embodies introspective lyrics and exploratory musical soundscapes in an endeavour to reconcile a sense of place.

‘Keep it Out’ is the first single and video from the upcoming album, Lavender. It begins with a light electronic beat like the sound of an elastic band being stretched as her voice drifts in – “Keep it Out, Keep it in” – reflecting the tautness of the situation as the Self begins the dance for autonomy.  

The question is posed “If everybody is searching for the same shelter, why does anyone think it is theirs to know?” as we reach the first chorus where Plunkett’s voice becomes more emotional, the pace picking up as the song progresses. 

As we approach the build up of the next chorus, the sounds fill out, reaching the emotional climax. The second chorus is more resolute and defiant than the first, ending with “I don’t have the energy to suffice, watch me while I disengage.” The song then fades down slowly, with a clean ending and – finally – silence, perhaps reflecting the end of a relationship.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day! You will not get this song out of your head as it works out these themes in just over three minutes of pure perfection.

Lavender is released on 27th April via Cascine. Half Waif is currently on a European tour with Iron & Wine.

Fi Ni Aicead

Photo Credit: Tonje Thilesen

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