Introducing Interview: Skylar Fri

Now living in London, Danish artist Skylar Fri has already received acclaim from the likes of Clash and The Line Of Best Fit, and now looks set to continue charming listeners with her new single.

A celestial slice of twinkling electro-pop, ‘Goldrush’ is an effervescent sonic delight. So, we caught up with Skylar Fri to find out more…

Hi Skylar Fri, welcome to Get In Her Ears! Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hi! Sure! I’m a Danish artist and songwriter living in London. I make dreamy alt-pop in a small container studio in Docklands with my friend Jimmy.

How did you initially start creating music?
I’ve been writing music for a long time but my main writing/production partner, Jimmy, I met because my drummer wanted him to play bass with us. I was super reluctant at first because I had someone else for that role in the band already but luckily Jimmy persevered and we’ve since ended up writing and producing a ton of stuff together, including music for film and TV.

Your new single ‘Gold Rush’ is out very soon – can you tell us what it’s all about?
I’m a little obsessed with the way that people’s behaviour can be totally fluid according to differing scenarios, including my own. ‘Gold Rush’ is about a moment of temptation, a moment of thinking money is the answer to your entire happiness and it’s about facing sides of or traits in ourselves and our personalities that we don’t always know or want to know that we have. In psychology it’s the war between the actual self and the ideal self.

You’ve been compared to the likes of FKA Twigs and Broods, but who would you say are your main musical influences?

Stevie Nicks, Prince, Kate Bush and Donna Lewis are my four faves!

How is your local music scene? Do you go to see lots of live music?
I live in London and there’s always so much amazing music going on. I love it! Copenhagen is great too, you can always catch a great band or artist playing!

And what can fans expect from your live shows?
A dreamy vibe!

As we’re a new music focused site, are there any new/upcoming bands or artists you’d recommend we check out?
I think she’s been around for a while but I like Danish artist Lydmor, and I’m a fan of her latest single!

And how do you feel the music industry is for new bands at the moment – would you say it’s difficult to get noticed?
It’s definitely not easy! Best doing it for the love of it. That’s the best motive to have when making music in 2018.

Finally, what does the rest of 2018 have in store for Skylar Fri?
I’ll be writing new material and playing shows, but who knows where life will take me!

Huge thanks to Skylar Fri for answering our questions! 

‘Goldrush’ is out now via AntiFragile Music.

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