LISTEN: KTEE – ‘So What’

Having amassed over 97,000 views for her music videos along with successfully qualifying for The Voice, Austrian pop star KTEE brings her fresh, empowering pop sound to UK shores with her latest single ‘So What’.

‘So What’ is KTEE’s message to women everywhere that even when life kicks you down, you don’t have to stay there. A danceable riff takes us into the catchy pop track as KTEE oozes determination through effortless vocals akin to Katy Perry. The punchy, catchy chorus defies you not to sing along to its message of self-growth. And, in case the listener is too busy dancing along to catch the message (easily done with the track’s contagious rhythm), KTEE takes advantage of the bridge to eliminate any doubt – “… as long as your heart beats, there’s nothing to lose” she reassures us.

With its funky bass-line and catchy riffs layered beneath the singalong chorus, ‘So What’ is a track reminiscent of feel-good summer days filled with freedom. Each element to the single combines perfectly to make ‘So What’ the pop anthem which women everywhere need to be singing from the bottom of their lungs.

‘So What’, the new single from KTEE, is out now.

Nicky Lee-Delisle

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