WATCH: Dream Nails – ‘Vagina Police’

“Your body is not your own, you are public property…”

Dream Nails front-woman Janey rages in the refrain of our favourite Feminist Punk Witches’ new song, appropriately entitled ‘Vagina Police’. Accompanied by an all-female produced new video (Guen Murroni, Kay Czuba, Georgina Orpin), it’s a witty but poignant representation of the song’s message; that women are not allowed to have autonomy over their own bodies. As we see the band dressed as police swooping in to prevent women buying condoms, taking contraceptives or visiting the gynaecologist, you can’t help but notice the truth in it – women’s reproductive rights are still being controlled and restricted (sometimes completely), in various ways, across the world today. However, the video has a happy ending, as the police are lured into a van, following a trail of doughnuts, and taken away. Phew!

Racing with the band’s trademark punk-fuelled energy, ‘Vagina Police’ packs a punch with its riotous, fist-clenching power as infectious riffs provide a driving force alongside Janey’s seething, impassioned vocals. It’s another formidable offering that proves once again just why we need Dream Nails in our lives; at times like this, we need bands like them more than ever – a group willing to combine activism and music to form a unifying force against the patriarchy. A group who create sparkling, energy-filled tracks that succeed in inspiring and motivating girls everywhere to get to the front and make our voices heard.

Watch the new video for ‘Vagina Police’ here:

‘Vagina Police’ is just one half of the new double A-side 7″ from Janey, Anya, Lucy and Mimi, with the equally powerful ‘Fascism Is Coming’ on the other side. Of the tracks, Janey explains:

“They’re on two sides of the same vinyl because they’re two sides of the
same coin. On a political level, fascism promotes nationalism and population control; on a personal level this manifests in restrictions on bodily autonomy via systemic sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, racism, classism and xenophobia. Two powerful songs with a “rough and ready DIY punk sound, because that’s who we are”

Along with the 7” (or available separately), the band have also produced
a fantastic and informative accompanying 40-page curated zine (‘Your Body is Not Your Own – Articles About Reproductive Justice’) with twenty one different contributors about reproductive justice – “Intersectional feminism is a lifelong journey of listening and solidarity, so we wanted to use our platform as a band to give space for different voices.”

100% of the proceeds from this release go to raise funds for Abortion Support Network (ASN), which provides accommodation and financial assistance to women forced to travel from Ireland to England to have an abortion. An incredibly worthy cause.

‘Vagina Police’/’Fascism Is Coming’ is out now and available to order from Bandcamp.

Mari Lane

Photo Credit: Poppy Marriott

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