ALBUM: Weekend Recovery – ‘Get What You Came For’

“Get what you came for. Why don’t you give it to me?”

What would you get if you mixed the vocals of an edge-of-the-seventies punk band, an early ’90s riot fest, and a turn-of-the-century nu-metal outfit (but better)…? The answer is Weekend Recovery’s new album, Get What You Came For.

Riotous is the word from the Kent-hailing pop/rock outfit that has the vibes and energy of an early Paramore. The album opens with ‘Turn it Up’ and the catchy kind of guitar riff everyone enjoys in the vein of Jack Off Jill with dudes, whose influence is rife to the point of referential lyrics (“Can we pretend we’re Jack Off Jill?”) and a chorus reminiscent of Juliette & the Licks’ ‘Comin’ Around’.

These riffs can be found throughout the album, sometimes changing gear in the middle of the song to the joy you’d imagine coming as a surprise if you were to see the band live. “Is that the end of the — ” track, and the band plays on.

The majority of the album switches pace between fast, powerful, anthemic tracks like ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’ and ‘Why Don’t You Stay?’, and the softer ‘Anyway’ and ‘All My Own’, harking back to times that, for a lot of us, felt simpler politically and personally; it’s easier to picture the band on the stage of The Bronze in Buffy the Vampire Slayer than it is with a guest spot on Riverdale (do they even have bands?).

Get What You Came For is the sort of album I would have looped to the death ten years ago, when my body and mind were both rife with existential, teenage-to-twenty-something angst, not because the music mirrors that but instead because it heals it.

Good albums are journeys and lyrically Weekend Recovery’s Get What You Came For is exactly that; a weekend recovery and a breath of fresh air, and it’s another piece in the puzzle I’ve been trying to put together forever: Riot Grrrl needs a comeback.

Maybe that time is now.

Get What You Came For is out now. Catch Weekend Recovery live at the following dates (full dates here):

2nd March – Aatma, Manchester
8th March – Tap n Tumbler, Notts
10th March – Maguires Pizza Bar, Liverpool
17th March – Get the Fear, Birmingham
22nd March – The Fulford Arms, York
23rd March – The Junction, Plymouth
5th April – Sebright Arms, London
6th April – Poco Loco, Chatham
7th April – Green Door Store, Brighton
18th April – Wharf Chambers, Leeds
28th April – Rock Bar Metro, Bolton

Em Burfitt

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