Track Of The Day: Like Swimming – ‘Strike A Pose’

Quirky Swedish alt-pop trio Like Swimming (Claes Carlström -vocals, guitar; Ida Hedene- vocals, guitar; and Petter Wesslander- drums) return from the pop wilderness with their new single, ‘Strike A Pose.’ It is a politically charged electronic locomotive, steering towards the first part of a double EP: Resistance / Relations. The division of the album into a two part EP will see the band address their political frustration in the first part, Resistance, to make room for the ups and downs of personal battles in the second part, Relations, coming later this year.

As with previous offerings, ‘Strike A Pose’ blends an upbeat, danceable hook with eccentric, yet insightful, lyrics. It builds up from a synth-laden ’80s feel, with Ida’s strong vocals coming to the fore, allowing the song to strike its pose.

A sketch of an unthinking character as a political mouthpiece, the track builds as Ida’s searing vocals rise to the anthemic chorus – “I am the one you want, I am your poster boy. I am the shallow start of intellectual fall.” Full steaming ahead, the song presents the present political reality: “tell me your thesis in a thirty second piece…”

In less than three minutes we learn that shallow politics wins out – “you don’t stand a chance as I strike a pose” – as the song comes to a sudden halt leaving you wanting more. It all goes swimmingly well, and you can dance to its infectious beats while you reflect on its poignant theme.


Resistance, the upcoming EP from Like Swimming, is out on 20th April via DigSin.

Fi Ni Aicead

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