Track Of The Day: Raindear – ‘Sky’

Swedish electro-pop artist and producer Raindear (the musical project of Rebecca Bergcrantz) has shared her wondrous new single, ‘Sky.’ It is another excellent sample of her individual styling of bohemian electro-psychedelia and samurai sounds. ‘Sky’ fills every space with its swirling, layered sounds, and is inspired by an inner world of escapism and self-determination after a lover has let you down.

Opening with a synth beat, reminiscent of late ’80s Fleetwood Mac, Raindear’s dusky voice enters: “It’s not the first time I am giving you my all and you are already gone.” The song offers a bird’s eye view of the lover, almost as if the sky itself is singing at night, taking us to a fairytale landscape – “How are you sinking my love? I’m only melting on the moon you’re dreaming of.”


The lyrical texture of the song is enhanced by the symphonic, electronic effects, as Raindear’s voice swoops and soars towards the mid-point of the song, where the sonic effects are paused for a few breathtaking seconds before ascending again. As Raindear’s vocals reach a resolve (“Get with the sky..the secret saviour of this town”), the song ends on cloud nine, leaving us with a sense of optimism and pure escapism that Raindear’s atmospheric colours create.

Any artist offering such a delightful mix deserves your immediate attention and ‘Sky’ is sure to stay with you for some time.

‘Sky’ is out now.

Fi Ni Aicead

Photo Credit: Kitty Lingmerth 

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