EP: Bessie Turner – ’22:22′

Bessie Turner, a singer/songwriter based in East Anglia, is emerging from her folk/dream-pop chrysalis since last year. 2018 is set to see her fly high and here’s why; the release of her debut EP 22:22 this month, designed to bring you to the perfect place of waking dreams.

Backed up by a talented band and a steady production, the EP allows Bessie to explore her experiences (and perhaps ours too), as her voice glides effortlessly through a mixture of mood-infused guitar pop and seductive jazzy sounds, all wrapped neatly in uplifting, guitar hooks.

Opening song ‘Casa’ is a short, jazzy dream sequence, coated in Bessie’s delicious, chocolatey vocals easing us into ‘Words You Say’ an uplifting slice of guitar pop after the languorous opener. A song about disappointment in relationships – “watch me as I walk away, listening to the words you say.. but you didn’t make it easy”- shifting emotions turn into strength, as a rocking guitar riff showcases Bessie’s inner Kim Deal.

There are confessional moments too, pulsing with a kaleidoscopic effect of emotion and colour, the introspective ‘Abseil’ (“I’m worried I’m not going to try my best to keep you…”) and ‘In my Room’ – which deals with loneliness – are relatable if you’ve ever felt let down or abandoned. But never mind, Bessie offers us hope in her soothing, sparkling melodies.

Closing tracks ‘The Big Sleep’ and ‘Milinky’ are both realistic love songs; the layered effects bring the shades of emotion to the surface (“you always leave me frail when you go…”) – think Joni Mitchell and The Sundays. A beautifully poignant end to the collection.

A timeless mix of joyful melancholia, this EP brings a whole lot of loving to you.

22:22, the upcoming EP from Bessie Turner, is out 20th April via Don’t Try Records. Catch her live over the next few months, more details here.

Fi Ni Aicead

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