Track Of The Day: Dream Nails – ‘Cookies For You’

Following their latest fantastic and poignant double A-side ‘Vagina Police’/’Fascism Is Coming’, our favourite Feminist Punk Witches Dream Nails are back with a sarcastic and fun-filled new video.

A song dedicated to the entitled men who do the bare minimum to support feminism and expect prizes, ‘Cookies For You’ serves as a stark reminder that there’s still so far to come in the fight for equality. With lyrics like “Cookies for you, you like my status; cookies for you, you’re not a rapist…”, we’re faced with the reality that many men claiming to support feminism are not doing anywhere near enough to support the cause.

However, filled with sugar-sweet melodies, delicious harmonies and a whopping dollop of sarcasm, it’s impossible not to get caught up in the vibrant joy of Dream Nails’ latest meaningful offering. And, complete with its own wonderfully tasty video, made with brilliant artist and film-maker Becca Human, it’s a total (iced) gem of a watch.

Yet another sparkling combination of activism and infectious tunes from the formidable force that is Dream Nails, watch the brand new video for ‘Cookies For You’ here:

And catch Dream Nails live for us at The Finsbury THIS Friday, 13th April, along with The Franklys, Madame So and Gold Baby. We cannot wait!

Mari Lane

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