WATCH: Jenny Wilson – ‘Rapin*’


Swedish electronic artist Jenny Wilson​ has managed to create something poignant and powerful out of her own harrowing experience of sexual assault on her latest single, ‘Rapin*’. The track is taken from her​ forthcoming album Exorcism, due on April 20th​​, and it’s an intensely personal, unflinching look at life after trauma.

Having previously collaborated with contemporaries including Robyn and The Knife (to whose Rabid Records she was previously signed), Exorcism will be Wilson’s fifth studio album, and her first since 2013’s Demand The Impossible!

​The animated video for ​Exorcism‘s lead single ​’Rapin*’, directed by Gustaf Holtenäs, debuted​ at the Gothenburg Film Festival​, and it’s a stunning but painful set of visuals. Speaking about the film, Jenny explains: “I wanted to make something awfully direct. Something you just can’t hide from or misunderstand. This song demanded a brutal video, and it had to be done in a beautiful animated style to reach the full power of the story.”

We’re moved by Jenny’s strength and bravery in the face of adversity and admire her ability to create positive, thought-provoking art.

Watch the video for ‘Rapin*’ below and follow Jenny Wilson on Facebook for more updates.

Pre-order your copy of Exorcism here.

Photo Credit: Oskar Omne

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