LIVE (Photos): Siobhan Wilson @ The Eagle Inn, Salford, 15.04.18

Last night GIHE caught up with Siobhan Wilson at the Eagle Inn in Salford. Playing a stripped back set that induced pin drop attention, interrupted by Siobhan’s own outbreaks of laughter – not least when she introduced her cover of ‘Anarchy In The UK’, which started as a bit of a joke inclusion on a list of “what songs would you like Siobhan to cover” at a gig, but one that she totally owned.

Siobhan is Scottish based, but has also lived and recorded in France. She won Green Man Rising last year and is currently on a UK headline tour and about to head out again, this time in support of Aidan Moffat and RM Hubbert.

Siobhan Wilson’s new album, There Are No Saints, is out now.

Mike Hughes

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