Anna Calvi Announces Tour Dates & Brand New Material

After a series of teasing and inspired images across the realms of social media, guitar chanteuse, two-time Mercury Prize nominee, and London’s own Anna Calvi has announced a series of three solo shows due to take place in Berlin, Paris, and London this June.

Calvi’s 2011 self-titled debut record was pretty fucking rad and 2013’s incredibly personal (and equally as fab) follow-up, One Breath, made the sophomore album curse look like a sentiently feeble and try hard myth. It’s been a while since we’ve seen Anna—alongside musical soulmate, Mally Harpaz, onstage and once you have, there’s no way on earth you don’t want to keep going to see her again and again.

While her third album has yet to be announced, the message delivered with the tour dates was one that verified that it’s just around the corner and that all three shows will be full of brand new yet-to-be-heard tracks.

Several European festivals will also have the pleasure of Anna’s performances but these three shows, in particular, are the beginning of something new for Anna Calvi, and at Get in Her Ears we cannot wait to see what’s in store.

From Anna:

“I remember looking into your eyes, I remember our energy, I remember you testing me, I remember me testing you, I remember feeling the most alive in those moments, I remember the dam breaking, like a primal scream. I want it again, I want to see you again.. This new music is everything I wanted it to be. I want you to hear what I’ve created and laboured on with love for so long, for you, for us.”

From us, one of our favourites:

Tour dates June 2018:

12th June – Berlin, Germany – Berghain
15th June – Paris, France – La Gaîté Lyrique
19th June – London, UK – Heaven

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