Introducing Interview: Kid Cupid

Gigging together for over a year now, GIHE faves Kid Cupid have been building a reputation for their joyous, immersive live performances, with headline shows at The Garage, Proud Camden and Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen under their belts.

Now, having graced our ears with the cinematic electro-pop of last year’s single ‘Easy’, they’re ready to release their debut EP. We caught up with Laura from the band to find out more…

Hi Kid Cupid, welcome to Get In Her Ears! Can you tell us a bit about yourselves and what you do?
Hey there! Thanks for having us, we are a four piece alt pop band based in London.

How did you all initially get together and start creating music?
I wish there was some really profound story like we all met on a life changing rocket trip to the moon but sorryyyy the truth is that James and Laura met when working on a TV show (Jonathan Creek) James was in a band and asked Laura to feature on one of their tracks. Unfortunately that band decided to split up so James and Laura decided to create a new one, joined by a friend Ian and John was found on gumtree!!

Your new EP ​Unholy Ceremony ​is out next month, can you tell us a bit about it? Are there any themes running throughout it?
It is and we’re so excited to get it out there, we’ve really poured a lot into this debut EP. Theme-wise it’s a bit of an emotional rollercoaster – it’s based around conversations with a friend in need. The helplessness and the frustration of trying to drag someone you love back from a dark space. Saying that, the main single ‘Better’ is actually a celebration of the person, it’s us saying “if you could only see yourself how we see you”, and I think it’s something everyone can relate to.

You’ve been compared to the likes of Little Dragon and Låpsley, but who would you say are your main musical influences?
Such amazing comparisons there and we feel really humbled to be mentioned alongside them! For me (Laura), I grew up with female greats such as Kate Bush, Stevie Nicks, Joan Armatrading, Judi Tzuke (the list goes on), and I feel like I try to harness their amazing freedom/wildness/feminine energy when I write. But as a group we have so many varied influencers and genres, from soul and r’n’b to punk. We are also very inspired by film scores and cinematic soundtracks, so hopefully all of this enables us to blur/transcend genres ourselves.

You’ve previously wowed us with the uplifting energy of your live show at The Finsbury, but would you say there’s been a particular gig you’ve played that stands out as a highlight for you?

We had a blast at that gig so thanks again for having us! We headlined The Garage last year and that was a standout gig for us. The atmosphere was on point, we had our own light show and the stars just aligned! Hopefully that was the first of many to come and we will see you all out on a big old stage again soon, light show and all.

How is your local music scene? Do you go to see much live music?
London is just full of talent, we try and see as much as we can. Our favourite is heading into unexpected places and discovering a new band, it’s just magical!

As we’re a new music focused site, are there any other new upcoming bands/artists who you’d recommend we check out?
Check out our friends Bronte and Alesund! We’re also loving Ibeyi, Leif Erikson, Ardyn and Blaenavon.

And how do you feel the industry is for new bands at the moment – would you say it’s difficult to get noticed?
The music scene can feel a bit over saturated at times and that can be really daunting/disheartening as a band trying to get noticed. As long as we are having fun and making music that we love, we will continue! Hopefully people can see our passion for what we are doing.

Finally, what does the rest of 2018 have in store for Kid Cupid?
Onwards and upwards! We are heading to Berlin on June 13t​h​ to play a gig for FluxFM Bergfest, and then we plan to tour the EP and more writing!!

Huge thanks so Kid Cupid for answering our questions! 

Unholy Ceremony, the upcoming EP from Kid Cupid, is out 18th June.


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