Track Of The Day: Austel – ‘Anaesthesia’

Austel (aka Devon-born, London-based artist Annie Rew Shaw) unveils her third instalment in the trilogy of singles co-written and produced by music technologist Adam Stark. Austel’s sound is seductive and melancholic electronica, delicately crafted and produced, with her gentle vocals providing a guiding light.

‘Anaesthesia’ is an intimate, soul-baring song exploring themes  of mental health, self-induced isolation  and a struggle to connect.

The song opens with a gentle rhythm like the sound of raindrops falling and a choral effect behind the lyrics “Take the needle out of my skin… Anaesthesia won’t do the job.” The sound then gently fills out with sparkling synths; not a battle cry, but something more enlightening, as the song breathes to life around the lyric, bringing a light and airy feel, lifting the mood of the track in the middle of the song (“I’m not at all.. I’m gone”). The emotion the song expresses may be bleak, yet the voice and arrangements transform it into a spirited bid for freedom, bringing hope and a comforting shoulder to your sadness. Listen, and feel connected.   


The forthcoming debut EP Unfold contains five songs that explore the pains of leaving safe harbours, seeking out the unknown; and I, for one, want to sail on the good ship Austel this summer.

Fi Ni Aicead


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