EP: Kid Cupid – ‘Unholy Ceremony’

The release of ‘Easy’ last year had many in eager anticipation for Kid Cupid‘s debut EP. And so it’s with excitement that we’ve greeted the release of Unholy Ceremony. And a multi-layered offering with Laura Shaw’s soaring vocals throughout has ensured that excitement was not misplaced.

Pumping basslines provide the heartbeat beneath Shaw’s velvet vocals on ‘Low’, deeming the track a strong opening for Unholy Ceremony. The variations of the tempo throughout aids the message which is nestled within the lyrics, as Shaw reflects upon the ups and downs of co-dependent relationships, as building riffs underpin the drama of the track.

‘Better’ provides us with dose of daily motivation via uplifting lyrics in a mellow, lo-fi setting. “I want to tell you, all the good things about youShaw sings amongst a subtle touch of catchy electro-pop whilst the dramatic percussion within the bridge exposes the vulnerabilities we all have within ourselves. ‘Cold Body’ continues with the theme of vulnerabilities as a haunting atmosphere greets us in the intro before Shaw’s vocals float atop keys and bass, and tribal rhythms have the track bursting at the seams with energy.


‘Burn’ is a beautifully appropriate closer to Unholy Ceremony. The tangible electrical energy of the intro leads us into a marching beat. Like the overall atmosphere of the EP, ‘Burn’ takes us down an emotional rabbit hole as the complexities of human emotions are dissected.

Unholy Ceremony carries an unapologetic attitude which is carried within Kid Cupid’s style of perpetual energy and noticeably passionate vocals. With this debut collection, Kid Cupid have left us once again in eager anticipation of their next offering. 

Unholy Ceremony is out now.

Nicky Lee-Delisle 

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