Track Of The Day: New Optimism – ‘Jetsetters’

Playful electronics and pop hooks galore: NYC’s New Optimism has shared her latest track ‘Jetsetters’, taken from her upcoming EP Amazon To LeFrak, which will be released via Phantom Limb on 27th July.

A co-founder of Cibo Matto and a collaborative partner of Gorillaz, The Beastie Boys & John Zorn – it’s no wonder New Optimism’s (aka Miho Hatori’s) sounds are sharply produced and catchy as hell.

Miho’s time as a Gorillaz member (she was the voice of Noodles) offers a window into the intelligent, mischievous pop songwriting heard in her infectious singing voice. This experience has informed the strange, all encompassing experimental pop music she creates now under her new moniker.

The name New Optimism “is a response to the post-postmodernist term “New Sincerity” explains Miho: “pertaining to contemporary anti-cynical and anti-ironical earnest creative expressions. New Optimism, as a title, means the opposite of this”. We’re intrigued by Miho’s unusual new project. Listen to ‘Jetsetters’ below and follow New Optimism on Bandcamp for more updates.

Photo Credit: Kimisa.H

Kate Crudgington

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